Avernos is both the name of the world and the human populated continent of Avernos, or Aver. The planet of Avernos is covered almost entirely by vast oceans with unfathomable depths. Of the other lands beyond the continent of Avernos, little is known and much is shrouded in myth and legend.


Using the Avernos Guide

Avernos is a fantasy world of elves and orcs, dwarves and dragons. It is a free setting which you are welcome and encouraged to use in your own role-playing games at home with your friends. My philosophy behind creating this campaign setting was to set into writing many of my own thoughts about the world of Avernos, which germinate as I work on modules for RPG conventions and various other works of fiction. I’m always grateful for feedback, which you can send via the Contact Us page.

The guide is meant specifically for Game Masters (GMs), but players may want to read specific sections too. As such, all information is considered to generally be common knowledge.

The guide is constantly growing and changing, so check back often, read the blog or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications about the latest updates.


This guide is divided into three main sections:

Creatures: details all the fantasy races and monsters that are common to Avernos, giving setting specific information for each.

Geography: lists the various regions and territories within Avernos and places of interest within those areas.

Lore: explains the history, magic and cosmology of Avernos.




The Avernos Campaign Setting is Copyright © Rodney Sloan 2010 – 2013. Open Game Licence.

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