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Undersea Sourcebook: Water Magic

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Spells and magical items for your ocean campaign.


Mayas & Dragons

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Isekai-ed into a world of magic, it's up to you to defeat the Dark Realm Magic.



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An alternate class for the Bard.


Aurora's Whole Realms Spring Catalogue

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Welcome to the greatest shop in the multiverse and Aurora's Spring Catalogue!


Hello, My Name is Death

Drive Thru RPG

Poker-based roleplaying that uses betting for souls to influence the ultimate demise of hapless humans.


Madness Cards (PFRPG2e)

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As sanity slips away, draw Madness Cards to decide your character's mental affliction.


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Game Prototypes: We Play and Make Games

Rusty Blade  

Old time dungeon grinder goes back for a final showdown.

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Classic brick breaking action.

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Mix Max Dress Up  

Get Max ready for success... or piracy...

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Dark Lily  

A little Visual Novel

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Probably the most random game we ever made. It's about bacon.

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Ping Pong  

It'll drive you batty!

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Dying Sands  

It's no secret, we love adventure games.

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Web Cam Test  

A wierd little app for scaring little sisters.

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Dagger Lords  

Rule the streets in this Dickensian fantasy skirmish wargame.

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D4 Dungeon  

Control a party of D4s on a quest through a dangerous dungeon.

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A zombie boardgame, without dice.

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Synthwave action, with cards?

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No Dice — RPG Blog Carnival, Dec 2022 - Posted 30 November 2022

It’s time for us to host the RPG Blog Carnival again, and this month the topic is “No Dice”. Read on to stimulate your brain with new ideas and fresh takes from the TTRPG blogosphere. If you’re a reader, here’s how it work: RPG bloggers from around the globe will drop links into the comments … Continue reading No Dice — RPG Blog Carnival, Dec 2022

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The State of the Phoenix – 2022 - Posted 29 November 2022

Every year we learn and adapt. In 2022 we returned to our grassroots and applied those lessons to great effect. Here’s what Rising Phoenix Games got up to in 2022. Early in the year, I finished developing TTRPGs for d20pfsrd.com Publishing with the release of the Pathfinder Second Edition version of the Eldryn character supplement … Continue reading The State of the Phoenix – 2022

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#ShowYourRPGShelf and Win an RPG! - Posted 1 November 2022

Show us your RPG shelf and win a print copy of Nightscape: Red Terrors for your collection by entering the #ShowYourRPGShelf RPG contest. How to Enter 1) Follow us on Twitter and Facebook (and grow the party!) 2) Reply to one of the posts below with a picture of you, holding your favorite character sheet, … Continue reading #ShowYourRPGShelf and Win an RPG!

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Journeys in Yomi - Posted 10 October 2022

Last week we journeyed to Yomi, the Japanese land of the dead mentioned in the ancient myths and legends of Japan. Let’s explore further so that you can use Yomi to inspire your own campaign setting, or as a campaign setting all on its own. Journeys in Yomi There are two ways to enter Yomi. … Continue reading Journeys in Yomi

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Yomi, The Japanese Land of the Dead - Posted 3 October 2022

Yomi is the Japanese land of the dead. It was mentioned in the ancient Kojiki, a collection of myths and legends purportedly composed in the 8th century. In Yomi, the dead live out a muted, eternal existence, regardless of their past deeds. RPG Blog Carnival It’s Orktober… ahem… October, and that means time for another … Continue reading Yomi, The Japanese Land of the Dead

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