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Dying Dead (PFRPG)

A 1-on-1 adventure compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Can you save the city of the dead?

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Griffins (D&D)

New griffin subspecies with familiars, companions, and a griffin rider archetype.

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Manual of Masks

New mask-inspired player options, adventuring gear, and magical items for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

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Where Heroes Stand

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure set in Karmen, Land of Masks for 6 players and a GM.

Make Your Stand!


This complete fantasy RPG lets you play in the fantasy world you want to explore!

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Your all-access pass to fast-paced, action-packed Special Forces adventure.

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Welcome To Scarthey

From Hogwarts to the Unseen University, magic schools abound with fantastic adventures. Get your Degree in the Arcane Arts, Enroll Today!


Birds of flame get new life in this Field Guide. Includes 7 subspecies and phoenix inspired character archetypes.

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Mythical creatures reworked with new subspecies and a bunch of character archetypes for griffin riders.

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Baleful Strix

When the baleful strix marks you as his target, there's nowhere safe to run.
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Lunatic Labyrinth

A 1st to 2nd level solo or 1-on-1 maze delve, compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
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Adventurous garden gnomes head to the Earth's Core in a nuclear powered trash can. Can you survive the mind crushing Claustrophobia?
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NPC Strategy Cards

FREE / Print on Demand
Record and track monster or NPC tactics with these intuitive cards. Works with a wide range of RPGs.
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Maze Tiles

Four 6x6 inch Maze Tiles with 8 different designs. Endless options await. Perfect for use with Lunatic Labyrinth.
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Web Games

Rusty Blade

A retired adventurer goes back into the dungeon for one last grind in this free-to-play text adventure.


Dying Sands - Sample

Action and adventure await in this sample adventure gamebook.


Gnome in Silhouette

Exclusive to RedBubble.

The Gnome Be With You

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Cthulhu in my Pocket

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Favourites From Our Affiliates


Set in Akihabara, Steins;Gate follows a group of friends who accidentally invent a method of sending messages to the past.
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Incarnate Hybrid Class

Combining the rage of the Barbarian and the mysteries of the Oracle, this exciting new class is compatible with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.
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Steampunk Musha

Coming Soon.


Undersea Fantasy Names, the Ultimate Guide - Posted 22 February 2019

We’re busy putting the finishing touches on our first Undersea Sourcebook (that’s a big reveal),  which will be a player’s guide to undersea adventures in Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition (that’s two big reveals). The guide features loads of races, each with a list of names like in the Races chapter of the Player’s Handbook. … Continue reading Undersea Fantasy Names, the Ultimate Guide

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Path of the Slayer (Barbarian Primal Path) - Posted 15 February 2019

Since pirates took over, I haven’t been allowed to blog much, but I managed to sneak this barbarian archetype past those black-hearted scoundrels. This archetype is compatible with the 5th edition SRD. If you like it, give it a play and let us know what you think in the comments below. The line between bravery … Continue reading Path of the Slayer (Barbarian Primal Path)

The post Path of the Slayer (Barbarian Primal Path) appeared first on Rising Phoenix Games.