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Be The Hero



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An alternate class for the Bard.


Aurora's Whole Realms Spring Catalogue

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Welcome to the greatest shop in the multiverse and Auroras Spring Catalogue!


Madness Cards (PFRPG2e)

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As sanity slips away, draw Madness Cards to decide your character's mental affliction.


Phoenixes of the Realms

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Includes 7 phoenix subspecies, player options, and magical phoenix feathers.


Aurora's Whole Realms Christmas Catalogue

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Celebrating the festive day known in some crystal spheres as Christmas!


Undersea Sourcebook: Feats & Equipment

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Ocean themed feats & equipment for your D&D campaign.


Lightning Bruiser: Shocking Feral Brute Barbarian Path

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Gain control over lightning as the Lord of Electricity, with the Lightning Bruiser Barbarian Path for D&D.


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Game Prototypes: We Play and Make Games

Rusty Blade  

Old time dungeon grinder goes back for a final showdown.

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Classic brick breaking action.

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Mix Max Dress Up  

Get Max ready for success... or piracy...

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Dark Lily  

A little Visual Novel

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Probably the most random game we ever made. It's about bacon.

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Ping Pong  

It'll drive you batty!

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Dying Sands  

It's no secret, we love adventure games.

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Web Cam Test  

A wierd little app for scaring little sisters.

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Dagger Lords  

Rule the streets in this Dickensian fantasy skirmish wargame.

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D4 Dungeon  

Control a party of D4s on a quest through a dangerous dungeon.

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A zombie boardgame, without dice.

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Synthwave action, with cards?

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Paint Minis While the Sun Shines — MM 50 - Posted 27 September 2021

It’s funny how some things affect others. Take the weather, for instance. Here in South Africa, in the Highveld where Rising Phoenix Games is based, we have dry, hot summers and dry, cool winters. When it rains, painting is magic. When it’s dry, which is most of the time, paint doesn’t last long unless you’re … Continue reading Paint Minis While the Sun Shines — MM 50

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Hawk and Dove: Countdown (#7, Dec ’89) - Posted 24 September 2021

Hawk and Dove: Countdown (#7, Dec ’89) is written by Barbara and Karl Kesel, with Greg Guler penciling and Scott Hanna inking. This one is worth a look. I think DC just made a new fan! (Honestly, I never thought I’d say that. Make mine Marvel! Okay, okay, make mine Marvel and Dove. It’s just … Continue reading Hawk and Dove: Countdown (#7, Dec ’89)

The post Hawk and Dove: Countdown (#7, Dec ’89) appeared first on Rising Phoenix Games.

Flash: Red Trinity (#7, December ‘87) - Posted 22 September 2021

Flash: Red Trinity (#7, December ‘87), by Baron, Guice, and Mahlstedt. This is gonna be fast, so try to keep up… Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES. Finally, some hot-blooded hero action, an engaging plot, and the character development we need. The Good Tina’s plight now has me hooked. Real consequences, that’s what we needed. … Continue reading Flash: Red Trinity (#7, December ‘87)

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Why is the RPG Industry Growing? - Posted 20 September 2021

Despite Covid-19’s reign of terror, the RPG industry looks healthier than ever. But why? In a time when we couldn’t get around the table with friends, this surely wasn’t what anyone predicted. So, why is the RPG industry growing? I recently read articles about the growth of the manga and comic book industries. Despite the … Continue reading Why is the RPG Industry Growing?

The post Why is the RPG Industry Growing? appeared first on Rising Phoenix Games.

Flash #5: Speed McGee (October ‘87): #CritFail - Posted 15 September 2021

Flash #5: Speed McGee (October ‘87), by Baron, Guice, and Torrance. Let’s take a peek. You can find our look at Flash #2 here on the Rising Phoenix Games blog. Here we get to a well-known issue with older DC comics. The Good The comic opens on a scene of graphic domestic abuse, then goes … Continue reading Flash #5: Speed McGee (October ‘87): #CritFail

The post Flash #5: Speed McGee (October ‘87): #CritFail appeared first on Rising Phoenix Games.

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