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Grimmer, Darker D&D Classes — The Witch

Hail, Adventurer!

Quick, roll for initiative!
Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past few months.

Get Dark with The Grimdark Pamphlet

The Grimdark Pamphlet is growing bigger every month. Our last updates included the penitent and black rider classes, as well as a primer on the campaign world of Azuria, the Tarnished Jewel. Remember, if you buy the book you’ll get updates whenever we release new grimdark content for D&D.

We’re currently working on the witch class, an alternate class for the warlock. What’s the difference? The warlock relies heavily on their pact with an otherworldly being, but the witch makes no such alliances. Rather, the witch dabbles with occult truths drawn from a wide number of otherworldly patrons and passed on through their coven. The witch will include special rules for magic brooms and cauldrons, which will all be included in The Grimdark Pamphlet when we release the next update.

Painting the Pile!

Your pile of shame — all those unpainted minis — shouldn’t keep you down. We’ve been working on new paint schemes to help you paint more Space Marines and Genestealers, quickly and with a great end result. These same schemes can be applied to many fantasy figures too, so they’re worth learning, no matter what you paint or play. You can check out previews of what I’ve done on CoolMiniOrNot, and check out all existing Mini Monday posts, on the blog.

Three Stone Stories

I know many of you are waiting on news about Three Stone Stories, our unique solo roleplaying system. The game has come out of playtesting and editing finished this week, so next up is layout. There’s a good chance that we’ll take the book to Kickstarter then, because a simple truth about RPG publishing is that you have to have a strong launch. We’ll still send out copies of the game to newsletter subscribers, as promised.

Till Next Time, Be The Hero

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