Why Do You Play?

Why  do you play games? Do you play because it’s a reason to do something with friends? Is it because you love the challenge? Maybe it’s the pure escapism?

Personally I think it’s a little bit of everything for me, but mostly it’s the escapism. Yesterday I picked up a few Marvel HeroClix figures, including Spider-Man and Iron-Man. Today I played a quick battle by myself and just enjoyed imagining the action.

I think a good game is a lot like a good book. It’s fun and engaging,  and you become emotionally attached to the characters. The difference is that, in a game, you have input into what happens. Of course, role-playing games fit this example particularly, and some games may tell less of a story than they focus on a series of actions.

If you’re interested in playing HeroClix solo, I recommend the solo rules from Solo Nexus. I didn’t use them myself, but I’m planning to give them a go soon.

Leave a comment and let me know why you play games, I’d love to know. 


3 thoughts on “Why Do You Play?”

  1. Pretty much all of the above for me. I love being part of my gaming society, and have made some life long friends through it. I love getting the chance to play a character that I could never be in real life, and I love the intellectual and imaginative challenges that role playing presents.

    basically, I just love the hobby.

  2. Everybody I game with right now I met through work. It’s one hell of a Rippers game, and a fantastic group. Really, I look forward to it now as much as I ever did.

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