Vertigo – One Page Dungeon Contest 2013

I love the One Page Dungeon Contest and this is my third year competing for the coveted first place. This year’s dungeon is called Vertigo, and it’s all about dizzying heights and high flying action.

Download the dungeon here: Vertigo (pdf  374 KB)

The Brotherhood of the Abyss

The Brotherhood of the Abyss are an evil organization which plans to undermine powerful society structures as a worship to their gods, the demons of the Abyss. There are various factions of the Brotherhood, and each is as varied as the next. This dungeon sees the party facing off against a cell operating in the great royal city of Bastion.


Bastion and the Opulent Quarter

Bastion is a royal city, the greatest city in all of Avernos, and, for many, the center of the world. Within the city is the rich Opulent Quarter, home to the richest merchants, most powerful guilds and the greatest of nobles. It is within the Opulent Quarter that the Royal City can be found, the very heart of Bastion and the palace of the king.

Well known for its decadence, the Opulent Quarter is an obvious target for the Brotherhood. Using the high towers to their advantage, they store caches, hide out and spy on targets from these dizzying heights. It is here that the party corners a group of Brotherhood thieves, as the adventure opens.

As for the rest, take a look at the PDF.