Three Stone Stories — Rerolled

In 2014 I wrote Three Stone Stories, a quick and easy solo story game that used simple dice mechanics to resolve challenges — challenges that told a story.
Now I’m putting the final touches on a playtest version of the updated game.

What’s New

The mechanics have been totally reworked, making each die roll more important to the story you’re telling. Some concepts introduced in the first version of the game are still there, but I’ve worked hard to make the game more fun and playable while keeping things streamlined.

Three Stone Stories
Fear the Skull Die

Challenges still form the basis of the game and are the main aspect driving the story. The rules include simple instructions for creating meaningful Challenges, but they’re still as intuitive as asking a question.

Banes have been replaced with Consequences, and you suffer more of them than before. Consequences drive the story to some degree and also aid the major villain in your story. Watch out!

Boons are still around. Who doesn’t like Boons! Now you have a chance of gaining more Boons per Challenge, and they have a greater impact on the story, giving you some control over your hero’s fate.

The biggest addition is a section on Group Play, which details how to use the rules to play in a group, with or without a Game Master.

More Three Stone Stories

When the full rules are released I’ll include six or more adventures, each offering a jumping-off point for your Three Stone Stories. Each adventure will be vastly different from the others, giving you an excellent look at the variety of stories you can tell (or play) with the game.

Get Your Copy

There are three ways to grab your copy of the playtest rules, once they go live:

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Buy it on Drive Thru RPG.
The playtest rules will sell for $1 on Drive Thru RPG. Why a dollar? It’s my experience that people who’re invested in the game are more likely to provide feedback, so we’re not giving it away to any old Joe. The bonus with this option is that you’ll get the full version of the game for free. We’re not making you pay twice.

I hope you’ll join us in making Three Stone Stories an excellent game.

Rodney Sloan
Rising Phoenix Games

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