The Garden is just as Dangerous

Oh, so very, very close to the Beta release of Claustrophobia! now. In fact, the rules are just waiting for a final read through and you’ll have them, if you’ve signed up of course. You can still sign up for the beta test by letting me have your name and e-mail (preferably use our contact form).

While writing was going down I also managed to get some new artwork for the book done, which is another reason I’ve held back from posting anything until now. You see, I’ve added two new garden dwellers to the growing list of creatures.

Without revealing too much yet, one is a natural garden dweller with a heap of attitude and the other is the result of gnomish tinkering.

Want to know more? You’ll just have to wait a little longer.

4 thoughts on “The Garden is just as Dangerous”

  1. Glad to hear the Beta’s almost ready. I’m been working on my first session/campaign when I get a couple of spare minutes. It’ll be my first crack at DMing Claustrophobia! as well as my first attempt at DMing ever. Hopefully it goes pretty well.

    I’ll send you the link to my encounter when it’s done. I’m writing it on google docs so it’ll be easy to share.

      1. Well the crowd I’ll DM for are very chill, and a newbie. I’m going to have a meeting of a couple of NPCs who are looking for adventurers to join them on their ship, and then eventually dive into the earth. I’m having the Players have to sneak from their human’s house to the meeting place, so I’m having roll to be stealthy. I have Pink Flamingos, and a lawn gator (, and humans, depending on how good they role-play/roll. I haven’t focused too much on creatures below the surface. I’m thinking about adding some giant earthworms, possibly to premake a maze of tunnels. I’ll forward you my doc so far.

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