The Cold Heart – Solo RPG Quest Part 1

These are exciting times for solo role-players, with new ideas on solo story telling being assimilated and shared all over the web. I recently played a solo RPG session of my own and here’s what happened.

The system I used is by Spacejacker of tinysolitarysoldiers. He explains the rules on his website with a play report too. Simply put you use dice to determine how the story progresses, asking questions which the dice and your creativity answer. I played using my Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures collection, Dungeon Tiles and for combat I used the Claustrophobia! rules, since I wanted to play test the combat system specifically. I’ve decided to focus on the story here rather than the mechanics, but if you want me to go into more detail on mechanics then let me know.

The Cast

A small band of mercenaries have ventured into the wilds of Wilderland in search of a lost cave systems said to contain the legendary gem known as Cold Heart. With a few cryptic clues and the disfigured map of a crazy hedge wizard they arrive near the hidden entrance as the adventure begins. The crew consists of Thrann, a barbarian from the Free Lands. Leona, an elven wizard. Bertus, a sellsword from South Fort and Thorngrim, a dwarven soldier from a mountain kingdom somewhere in the Jaws.

South Fort and Surrounds by ~CptPhoenix on deviantART

Chapter 1 – The Plot Thickens in the Thicket

The band decides to rest up and then search for the dungeon entrance in the morning. The sun is setting beyond the hills and so they make camp, unknowingly close to the overgrown entrance. Leona, the mage, begins to feel uneasy: “I don’t like the feel of this place. Perhaps we should find that entrance, we’ll be safer underground.” The others look at the elf, who normally has little love for enclosed spaces. They realize just how serious she is.

The Dungeon Entrance
That’s the party in the center, with the assassin to the south. A lone Yaun-Ti sits on the entrance, but he soon slithered off.


Meanwhile, hiding in the bushes and below a cliff is the drow assassin, Zaneer, sent to silence the party and take whatever it is they’re looking for. He slips silently into the dungeon ahead of them to lay a trap.

The party search but instead of finding the entrance they find boot tracks and then the bodies of three men in the river left by Zaneer. The men are peasants and riddles with blade marks. It’s obvious that they were attacked from behind and their bodies discarded in the river. It’s darkening quickly and soon their search is interrupted by two creatures; a large, rock like creature and another lion-like centaur, both armed and armored. The lion-like creature introduces himself as Sharn, and he explains that he and his companion are members of the Warring Hand, come to warn the party of an assassin on their trail. Despite all the party has found, tracks and dead bodies, they decides to draw swords. The fight is a clang of steel on steel and the Warring Hand fight defensively, imploring the party to hold. Suddenly a burst of light appears above them in the form of a ghostly white dragon. A feminine voice seems to come from the center of the glow. “Choose your battles wisely, for you have far yet to go.” A beam of light appears from the creatures mouth and points at a pile of stones off to the north-west. After moments the image disappears.

“Believe us now?” Asks Sharn.

The party put away their swords but tell the Warring Hand that, while they appreciate the warning, they would rather do this on their own. They fear the true purpose of their quest would be discovered and others would want Cold Heart too. The Warring Hand leave to make camp to the West, near a small lake, while the party search the location pointed out by the dragon apparition and finds the dungeon entrance at last.

Night Falls – End Session One

This first session was all about setting up the heroes and villains. An assassin on their tail and a high powered council having an interest in the exploits of the party are all good plot points to work off. The party certainly want to remain anonymous and to get their hands on that gem by themselves. It was a fun session and nothing was planned before hand but the map and the characters, everything else grew out of dice rolls. The real fun starts in session 2, so stay tuned for that.