The Book of Faces

I have a bad habit of spontaneously starting new projects, but that’s okay, because the wheel of progress is always turning and things do, eventually, get finished. My latest project is a little bit of an experiment in game book design. Do you remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, or the green backed “Fighting Fantasy” books? I loved those books, I still do, as my huge collection will testify.

I’ve been wanting to write my own game book for some time, and finally have an idea. But I don’t want to write it alone, I want readers to drive the story as it’s written. I think that’ll be really neat. Welcome then, to The Book of Faces, a quest staring YOU as the hero.

An odd little cottage stands on the far hill.
An odd little cottage stands on the far hill.

How does it work? Well, YOU make the choices that drive the story. Each post will include a couple of choices for you to make. Read the passage and make a choice by leaving a comment. When there are 10 or so comments, the choice with the most votes is chosen and the story continues.

Part one of the adventure is below.