The Amazing Spider-Man

So I just saw the Amazing Spider-Man. Wow!

Now, I’m a little biased, because I’ve always loved Spider-Man. Spider-Man is fast, agile, confident and has always stood up for good ideals. Spider-Man doesn’t kill his enemies, he puts himself at greater risk to preserve all life. Spider-Man has always been my favorite super hero, I’d choose him over Wolverine, Captain-America, Iron-Man or any of the others.

I was a little worried that the movie would just be a rehash of the last trilogy, but was pleasantly surprised. This movie was everything the first movies weren’t. Andrew Garfield brought Spider-Man from the comic book pages onto the screen in the best rendering of the comics ever. Web shooters replaced gooey wrists, Spider-Man was witty once more and his foes were more up-to-date than restyled.

There were some problems however, such as the poor script, which might leave you with many unnecessary questions. However, I felt that the movie kept a good pace and I spent the duration of the movie swinging along happily. I don’t think any comic book fan will ever be 100% satisfied with a comic book movie, but Amazing Spider-Man does a good job. I’d give it an 18 on the D20 of movie awesomeness.

While on the subject of comic books, check out the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Basic Game, which I expect will ride the wave of Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man.