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Undersea Sourcebook — The Dockyards

The Undersea Sourcebook series provides players and Dungeon Masters with everything they need to explore the crashing waves and the vast ocean depths below.
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New Releases

Introducing the Undersea Sourcebook: Race & Class Guide. In this, the first of the series, you’ll find races, classes, and backgrounds for creating characters suitable to an undersea or ocean-spanning campaign.
Undersea Sourcebook Race & Class Guide
Undersea Sourcebook: Mutants & Mariners is a follow on book to the Race & Class Guide, and introduces the pirate class, College of Shanties bardic college, and the mutant hybrid race. Combine any race with one of the 30+ creatures listed to create your mutant character or NPC.
Undersea Sourcebook: Mutants & MarinersInUndersea Sourcebook: Feats and Equipment you’ll find feats and items essential to rounding of your character for an undersea or ocean-spanning campaign. The book includes expanded vehicle rules, firearms, siege weapons, undersea themed trinkets, and a whole horde more.

Forthcoming Releases

Production of the next four books in the Undersea Sourcebook series is well underway:

Book 3, Undersea Sourcebook: Water Magic, is set to detail spells and magic items, and begins to bridge the gap between player options and Dungeon Master material.

Book 4 is entitled Undersea Sourcebook: Dungeon Master’s Guide, and explores running underwater and ocean campaigns in more depth. It will include advanced rules for ships, ship combat, advanced rules for underwater combat, and tools to help you run engaging adventures at sea and in the dark depths below.

Book 5 is the Undersea Sourcebook: Monster Manual, which includes new monsters to populate the ocean depths.

Book 6, Undersea Sourcebook: Ocean Adventures, will focus on ocean and underwater adventures and may include one or two adventures set within the oceans of Faerûn or the Elemental Plane of Water. You’ll also find maps of useful locations above and below the waves.

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Playtest Releases

From time to time we release previews and playtesting material, which you can find below. Your feedback is invaluable, so please reach out to us if you have any thoughts on the content we’ve shared.

Tentacles of the Deep

Tentacles of the Deep introduces a new kind of monster for your Dungeons & Dragons game, the tentacle. Instead of a whole monster, challenge your heroes with its limbs alone.

Undersea Sourcebook - Tentacle of the DeepThese playtest rules are PWYW, so you can try them out and let us know if you like them with a small tip or in the comments on the product page.

Path of the Slayer

The Path of the Slayer barbarian primal path can be found in the Undersea Sourcebook: Race & Class Guide. An earlier version of the path is available on the blog for free.

Undersea Guides to the Core Rules

We took an in-depth look at each of the core rulebooks and how you can leverage their content in an undersea or ocean campaign. You can find those articles on the following pages:

The Undersea Sourcebook Guide to the Player’s Handbook

The Undersea Sourcebook Guide to the Dungeon Master’s Guide

The Undersea Sourcebook Guide to the Monster Manual

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Undersea Fantasy Names, the Ultimate Guide

We’re busy putting the finishing touches on our first Undersea Sourcebook (that’s a big reveal),  which will be a player’s guide to undersea adventures in Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition (that’s two big reveals). The guide features loads of races, each with a list of names like in the Races chapter of the Player’s Handbook. Here are a few undersea fantasy names, to help you name your next underwater character.

Undersea Fantasy Names
Photo credit: Nsey Benajah

Merfolk Names

Merfolk parents choose names for their children that reflect the nature of the sea, invoke images of the ocean, or signify freedom or purpose. Merfolk also have a tribal name, which they’ll use when dealing with merfolk from another tribe. Merfolk rarely use their tribal name around other races, and then only if they have significant reason to do so. Even among friends, merfolk regard mentioning their tribal name as an unnecessary vanity.

Male Names: Adrian, Aegir, Aukai, Bellerophon, Calder, Celsion, Clarion, Dorian, Dover, Drake, Ezeel, Kai, Lachlan, Marlowe, Merrick, Oceanus, Poseider, Ridley, Rio, Tritonis, Zale, Zander

Female Names: Adrianna, Aeriel, Athena, Azure, Azurine, Coraline, Diana, Dione, Doriana, Echo, Eldoris, Fontanne, Galiana, Lana, Madison, Marinella, Nerio, Oceana, Pearl, Ria, Umiko, Undina, Ursula

Tribal Names: Aquillon, Deepfin, Gaion, Laviathon, Moontide, Moray, Nautilon, Neptune, Oceanor, Titanus, Waverider

Naiad Names

Naiads choose their own names when they come of age, and prefer names that are lyrical in nature. They have no clan or family names, though they may name themselves after the body of water they have recently bonded with, such as Khev of Dessarin and Loreley of Lac Dinneshere.

Male Names: Akdish, Bhom, Dakdoov, Dashion, Dhegor, Dhev, Dibam, Ebdordon, Embohz, Ghaaja, Jenjor, Khaav, Khajon, Khev, Memendev, Nagnesh, Naash, Omden, Shevshin, Vahz, Vanvin, Vor, Zekovion

Female Names: Ahni, Avya, BaIrafen, Basheena, Bura, Cerenya, Cini, Faadhi, Felfe, Ferrafin, Fifavi, Hamnaa, Laffuuna, Lidyh, Loreley, Lyrdu, Merdimy, Mirizan, Phibi, Rulfaya, Semfe, Welladuuna, Weni

Selkie Names

Selkies often adopt names similar to those of the people who live near to their colonies. As such, selkie names vary greatly from region to region, though they almost always prefer shorter names. Selkies have no clan or family names, and may refer to the region their family inhabits when introducing themselves, such as Runn of Boatscrape Cove, from Waterdeep.

Male Names: Albi, Coll, Conn, Bhim, Blake, Brenn, Brian, Bert, Des, Don, Dylan, Finn, Harper, Jock, Kay, Kel, Lloyd, Mort, Neal, Rhone, Rob, Runn, Ted

Female Names: Ada, Adele, Celeste, Ceridwen, Cordelia, Enid, Fiona, Gail, Gioga, Kay, Kaylen, Loreley, Lynn, Moon, Muriel, Myfanwy, Nadine, Ondine, Raine, Sapphira, Saraid, Thora, Ursilla, Varona

Make Your Own Undersea Fantasy Names

If you’re looking for more ideas for you own undersea fantasy names, I found loads of inspiration on fantasynamegenerators.com. Start there, find a name you like, then change it to suit your needs. Look for shorter, easier to pronounce names, since those are more memorable and far easier to use while roleplaying.

More Undersea Adventure

If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy the free monster preview available on the Dungeon Master’s Guild:

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