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Barrow-Downs — Mini Monday #19

It’s Mini Monday, where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting projects for your roleplaying table. This week we’ll build super simple Barrow-downs for your undead horde. To make this little addition for your gaming table all you need is an old CD or DVD, an egg box, papier-mâché, paint, flock, and some…

A well, a sign post and... a rock.

Easy-Peasy Terrain Projects

A great looking map and some simple model terrain can go a long way towards making your games stand out. Here are three super easy projects. A Sign (Post) of Things to Come I made this little sign post to put alongside roads on my game map. It gives the players a visual reminder of…

Love Elves?

Do you love those pointy eared, golden haired, forest dwelling folk? Well if you do, here’s something for you. Lord Zsezse Works’ Elven Papercraft Tower and Wall Set looks very impressive. I really hope they do dwarves next.  

Recycled Dungeon

I made a little trip down to the local second hand shop and look what I found. The elf and dwarf are for scale. The steampunk stuff is from the movie Steamboy. You can buy the models in blind boosters (some are available on The barrel and raft came from a weapon display rack…

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