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New Avernos Content

New pages in the Avernos Campaign Setting Wiki are:


Bastion, City: Bastion is the largest human settlement in Avernos, a city of spires that hides an ancient secret.

Bastion, The Kingdom of: The northern human kingdom of Bastion is the largest territory to fall under a single ruler, namely the King of Bastion and self titled King of Avernos.


There’s more Avernos content on the way, so stay tuned. I’ve also finished editing the Campaign Primer for Kamen, Land of Masks, which will go out in August.

To Gnometopia in a Trash Can – Claustrophobia!

So hopefully you’ve had a chance to play test  Claustrophobia!, the game of suicidal garden gnomes on a journey to the Earth’s core. If you’ve been following my Twitter and DeviantArt accounts, you’ll have seen the engine that is Rising Phoenix Games is hard at work churning out more gnomic chaos. Today’s no exception. So, sit back, relax, open a cold one and enjoy…


When the Slime Hits the Fan

Claustrophobia! Slimed

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