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The State of the Phoenix – 2022

Every year we learn and adapt. In 2022 we returned to our grassroots and applied those lessons to great effect. Here’s what Rising Phoenix Games got up to in 2022.

Early in the year, I finished developing TTRPGs for d20pfsrd.com Publishing with the release of the Pathfinder Second Edition version of the Eldryn character supplement and Artful Dodgers (which, alongside Masters of the Occult: Play Manga d20 is my best works for the company). Leaving them allowed me to commit more time to freelancing and to Rising Phoenix Games.

Freelancing remains the best way for me to learn the art, science, and business of TTRPG production, so it’s one pillar of the business.

The GrimDark Pamphlet Banner

For Rising Phoenix specifically, our goal was to focus on the Grimdark Pamphlet and Undersea Sourcebook series, complete Three Stone Stories, and begin work on a larger solo RPG product that will eventually form the core of our business. All have progressed nicely:

  1. Three Stone Stories is out and on its way to earning its Copper Seller medal. It has two 4-star ratings so far.
  2. With the release of Undersea Sourcebook: Water Magic we are halfway through the development of the series. We’ll probably focus on the monster book next, which I’ve done a substantial amount of development work on already.
  3. The Grimdark Pamphlet is progressing well, and we’ll return to it in 2023 after some freelance work in early 2023.
  4. Our larger solo project is top-secret for now, so I can’t say much.

In refocusing we’ve let a few games go, including several miniature skirmish games that we’re selling off to larger publishers. There are also a few paused projects, which we’ll sit on until the time is right.

Mayas & Dungeons and Camp Karate

Some opportunities are worth grabbing with both sets of talons, and we had two great opportunities this year.

In March I was asked to develop a small game to promote JAST USA on April 1st, and this became Mayas & Dragons, a small (and free) print-and-play solo dungeon crawl.

In July we participated in Drive-Thru RPG’s ZineQuest, creating Camp Karate. It was a great opportunity to get eyes on our products, and we remained within the top 8 entries for all of August.

Camp Karate RPG

The Fat Long Tail

One pleasant surprise was our 5e Madness Cards making more sales this year than in all of 2020 and 2021. I added a PDF version for home printing after a customer’s request on Drive-Thru (thank you, Lee). We’ll be adding a version of the Pathfinder Second Edition Madness Cards for home printing in 2023.

Goals for 2023

Next year will be more of the same:

  1. Develop the Grimdark Pamphlet, according to the roadmap.
  2. Develop the Undersea Sourcebook monster book.
  3. Take part in ZineQuest if possible.
  4. Develop our Solo RPG master plan (mwahaha).

We’ll be moving away from social media in the same way we pulled back from the blog, but there’s still time to snag a book from our latest contest:

Have an amazing holiday season and a happy 2023!

Rising Phoenix Games Interview with Oh Sheep!

Kenny of Oh Sheep! recently interviewed me about the creation of Rising Phoenix Games, publishing games, pursuing your passion, and building your audience. Check out the Rising Phoenix Games Interview with Oh Sheep! below, or on YouTube.

Have any questions about the Rising Phoenix Games interview? Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

You can find out more about the Oh, Sheep! card game and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the project on the Oh, Sheep! website. There’s also a print and play version of their beta rules for Oh, Sheep!

Rising Phoenix Games on YouTube

Be sure to check out our own Rising Phoenix Games YouTube channel, where we take a closer look at some of our products and projects. This blog and our newsletter remain our focus, but we release new videos every now and then, especially to showcase new products or ask the community questions, so please consider subscribing.

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Tuesday’s post was the next installment in the Valkyrie: Ragnarok series of fiction: Flight Through Bastion.

RPG Con at Rising Phoenix Games, 3-9 Aug

Rising Phoenix Games’ RPG Con is this week, all week, right here on the blog!
Rising Phoenix Games RPG Con
Join us for articles, interviews, deep discounts, and more RPG fun!


Monday’s post was about painting flesh golems for your roleplaying table.
Tuesday’s post was the next installment in the Valkyrie: Ragnarok series of fiction: Flight Through Bastion.
Wednesday’s posts included a look back at all our previous Mini Monday projects and a look at Aurora’s Whole Realms Christmas Catalogue.
Thursday’s post introduced Phoenixes of the Realms, our latest creature supplement for the DMs Guild.
Kenny from Oh, Sheep! recently interviewed me about Rising Phoenix Games. You can find that interview in Friday’s post.

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