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Ork Weirdboy Kitbash — MM 29

It’s Mini Monday, where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting projects for your roleplaying and tabletop gaming. This week we’ve got an Ork Weirdboy kitbash.

Mini Monday Logo

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the current Ork Weirdboy from Games Workshop. It’s because of the chains and the weird poses, but anyway. I also love kitbashing, so I took the chance to add a little spice to my army. Happy #Orktober everyone!

Orktober on Rising Phoenix Games


For this kitbash I used the Orc Hunter from Reaper’s Bones range, a bit of wire, and bits from the Gretchin box from Games Workshop.

Orc Hunter from Reaper Bones

I love the stabby pose, though the spear is ridiculously flexible.

Body Work

I chopped off the spear and drilled through his hands to accommodate the wire. I then added some plastic tubing to attach the shock prod.

I used modelling epoxy to replace his neck after hacking off the little orc head. Onto the new neck I stuck the head at a cocked angle to make him look more menacing.

Since he looked like a Runtherd anyway, I stuck the whip from the Gretchin kit onto his belt at the back, so now he can fill two roles in my army. Maybe hanging around with all those grots made him really weird.

Lastly, I attached him to a 40mm base and this Ork Weirdboy kitbash was done.

Ork Weirdboy Kitbash

Nightscape: Red Terrors is in Print

Nightscape: Red Terrors, the game of cosmic horror set in post-Soviet Russia, is now in print through Drive-Thru RPG.

Nightscape: Red Terrors RPG CoverIn the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian government decommissioned several publicly hidden research facilities devoted to ‘arcane science,’ chief among them, PERM Laboratory 37. Recently, due to several strange energy emissions, the location of the PERM 37 facility has been discovered by various parties with an interest in the lab’s inventory of eldritch artifacts.

You’re an agent of one of these factions on your way through driving sleet to the facility. Dusk is falling as you pass through the broken security gate…



Orktober, and why Grots Matter Too. MM #28

It’s Mini Monday, where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting projects for your roleplaying and tabletop gaming. It’s also Orktober, so it’s time to Waaagh! This week I’ll share what I’ll be painting for the rest of October.

Orktober on Rising Phoenix Games

The Goal

Paint 31 Orks by the end of Orktober. Simple.

Oh, and run a company, do adulting well, get enough sleep, and don’t burn out. Hey, if you don’t challenge yourself you don’t get anywhere. Let’s paint some Orks!

The Boyz (and Grots)

These are the models I’m aiming to finish by the end of the month. All are primed and ready to go, some are almost done.

Orktober 2020

The list includes:

  • 1 Wierdboy
  • 1 Mek
  • 2 Runtherds (1 Kitbashed from an old Black Orc)
  • 2 Nobz
  • 6 Kommandos
  • 1 Ork Boy with Big Shoota (AKA Lascannon, from back in the day)
  • 6 Ork Boys (Kitbashed from old Warhammer Fantasy Orcs)
  • 1 Ork Boy with kitbashed shoota and choppa stabby thing
  • 1 Warboss
  • 10 Gretchin (2 from the latest kit)

You’ll get a better look at all of them in the weeks to come. Some of them already made an appearance in our article on kitbashing Ork weapons.
And Gretchin count, so sod off.

Mini Monday Logo

There are two more Mondays left for Orktober, so I’ll post updates then and again on the 2nd of Normalvember. Next week it’ll probably be the Kommandos, unless they sneak off.

What Are You Painting?

We’d love to hear from you and see what you’re painting. I’ll be checking out the #Orktober and #HobbyStreak tags on Twitter for the rest of the month, so please connect with Rising Phoenix Games or myself there.

You can also drop a comment below.

Indie RPGs from South Africa

A bunch of South African indie RPG designers teamed up to create the South African Indie RPG bundle, which includes a bunch of great games from south of the Sahara.

South African Indie Bundle

The bundle includes Claustrophobia!, Bullet, Something Wicked, Children of the Fall, Might, and How to Plan a Murder, all at a massively reduced price.

Kitbashed Grot Oiler — Mini Monday 22

It’s Mini Monday, where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting projects for your roleplaying and gaming table. This week we’re making a quirky little grot oiler for Warhammer 40,000 or Wrath & Glory.

Mini Monday Logo

This little guy was loads of fun, easy to make, and is literally dripping with character. And oil.

Grot Oiler Done

The Oil Barrel

I guess this grot doesn’t want to be squig food, hiding in that oil barrel like that. The barrel is white metal, which I melted and then poured into a simple mold made from silicone and corn starch. The Crafsman has a great tutorial video on making molds this way. My first attempt wasn’t great, but it looked like a purposely dinged up barrel, perfect for an Ork job.

The Grot Oiler’s Body

The head and arm are from the Gretchin box. I first made the shoulders and knee out of modeling epoxy, then stuck these two bits on. It really helps to have some understanding of anatomy, so references are useful. This part of the build was enough to sell the idea of the grot oiler coming out of the barrel, even though the barrel is solid and there’s nothing more to this little dude than what’s stuck onto the side of the barrel.

Grot Oiler Kitbash Build


I painted the grot, then used a black wash (watered down black paint) to make him look oil stained.
Who’m I kidding? I do this with all my minis!
I then painted silver on the edges of the barrel to give it a metallic look. A rust paint job would probably have looked even better.

Grot Oiler

Liquid Effects

Finally, I mixed black paint into silicone and painted this onto the grots base, which was sitting on waxed paper. When this dried, I could pull the whole thing off and it looks just like oil is spilling over the base. This “spill” comes off the base easily and sticks back on again without anything other than the silicone’s natural tackiness, so I can remove the effect when using this mini on the battlefield.

If you enjoyed this little tutorial, or if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

Mini Monday #10: Good Enough

This was supposed to be a post about getting 18 miniatures painted in 18 days. I needed to finish 18 Orks to finish my battalion detachment, and I gave myself 18 days to do it in. ‘Easy,’ I said. And that’s why today’s full title should be Mini Monday #10: Good Enough and the Power of Being Satisfied with the Chance to Try Again.

Mini Monday Gargoyle

It’s Mini Monday, where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting ideas for your roleplaying table. This week we talk about mediocrity, the value of arbitrary goals, and being satisfied.

Mini Monday #10: Good Enough

Here’s my kitbashed Ork boy with rokkit launcha. He’s the only figure I finished in the 18 days.

Mini Monday #10: Good Enough

I’m very happy with the kitbashing I did with him, but not with the paint job. But, you know what, it’ll do. It’s better painted than unpainted.

The 18-day goal was arbitrary, but it was still good for a few things.

Just Your Average Geek

For one thing, it was good to remind myself that I’m no pro painter. This blog isn’t about me teaching you. It can’t be. The only thing I have to give is passion and the determination to keep learning. Rather, this blog is about sharing my discoveries and, hopefully, encouraging you to go make your own, paintbrush in hand.

Flinging Paint on Plastic

I still have 17 minis to go, but the 18 days meant I got closer to finishing them. How long will that take? Who knows!? All I can say is that whatever time I spend painting is progress. If I want to get through that pile of plastic, the only way to do it is to sit down and paint.

Got anything to say? Slap it in the comments below and let’s talk about painting, kitbashing, and the benefits of more dakka!