A well, a sign post and... a rock.

Easy-Peasy Terrain Projects

A great looking map and some simple model terrain can go a long way towards making your games stand out. Here are three super easy projects. A Sign (Post) of Things to Come I made this little sign post to put alongside roads on my game map. It gives the players a visual reminder of…

Rattle Me Bones

Reaper Miniature’s Bones are a great new line of cheap role-playing minis. I bought three boxes for 950 Yen (about 95 ZAR, 9.55 USD or 6.09 GBP) from Yellow Submarine in Shinjuku, which gave me a dwarf hero (Fulumbar Ironhand), an ogre chieftain and six kobolds in three different poses. Here they are in their boxes:

UPCON 2012 Module – Death in the Deep

I could trace the origin of this blog back to many sources, but one of the most prominent must be when I started writing modules for the convention circuit back in Gauteng South Africa, specifically for UPCON and ICON. ICON was actually the first convention I ever attended, going there for comic books (Spider-Man mostly).…

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