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Sneak Peek – Where Heroes Stand

I’m very proud to share this sneak peek of the book cover for Where Heroes Stand, the first adventure in the Kamen, Land of Masks Campaign.

Where Heroes Stand Preview
Copyright 2014, R. & J. Sloan.

All credit goes to my beautiful wife for putting this together so masterfully.

You can get the poster map of the campaign world over at RedBubble.com, or read more about Kamen, Land of Masks right here on the blog.

Till next time, Tell Thrilling Tales.

Inspired in Japan

Kamen, Land of Masks

Kamen, Land of Masks is the setting for my up and coming Pathfinder adventure module. It’s a land of intrigue, of secrets and hidden myth, of the bold samurai and his blood soaked blade and the ninja in the shadows.

This is ancient Japan, where duty and honour can be just as deceptive a mask as the samurai’s helm or the courtesans ornate fan.

Watch this space for more sneak peaks coming soon.