City of the Dead Kickstarter

I’m very excited to announce the Kickstarter for City of the Dead, a brand new zombie survival game by Gaea Games. I did the video, check it out. You’ll find out more about the game itself on the Kickstarter page. Get over there quickly, because that clock is ticking.

Love Elves?

Do you love those pointy eared, golden haired, forest dwelling folk? Well if you do, here’s something for you. Lord Zsezse Works’ Elven Papercraft Tower and Wall Set looks very impressive. I really hope they do dwarves next.  

Explore Edo Japan

Are you itching to play Kamen, Land of Masks yet? I know I am. For now, here’s a kickstarter project to get you even more excited about exploring Japan… Check out the A Land of Narrow Paths Kickstarter now.

Kickstarting Pathfinder Online

One of the hot topics for Pathfinder fans at the moment is the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter. This sandbox MMO, built by Goblinworks Inc., sister company of Paizo, has some nice rewards on offer. Even if you don’t play digital (and good for you) there’s something to catch your interest. Checkout the Crowdforger PDF Superpack, which…

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