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Old School D&D Digitally Reborn

22 January 2013

This day will go down in the history of role-playing.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) released most (if not all) of their past Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) print products as digital downloads via the popular RPG download site Drive Thru RPG. Yes, everything from the first ever edition of D&D, through AD&D, 3.5 and even 4th Edition is available for you to buy online, right now. That is if their site can handle all the traffic it’s getting at the moment from fans eager to get their hands on out-of-print books.

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Judge it by the Cover – 20 Random Book Titles

Four Scholars

The party wizard walks over to the bookshelf and asks the dreaded question: “What books do I find?” Well, everyone likes random tables, so here’s my list of 20 random book titles to inspire you:

D20 – Random Book Titles

  1. The Dullard’s Guide to Lock Picking by Dovid Blaine
  2. The Tale of the Incredibly Long Walk by Jungo Rolando Rudolfus Trollkin
  3. The Halfling by Jungo Rolando Rudolfus Trollkin
  4. Alchemy – From Lead to Gold in Ten Easy Steps by William Nye “The Alchemy Guy”
  5. Carnivorous Creatures of Cunning by Davidius Attenbroege
  6. Living With Lycanthropes by Bella Crow
  7. My Misspent Youth, Dating Death by Bella Crow
  8. A Tale of Two Citadels by Charles Drockens
  9. Gorilions in the Mist by Dianna Flossey
  10. My Family and other Lycanthropes by Gerrundius Dorrel
  11. Adolescent Transfigured Monk Terrapins by Kelvin Laird and Petro Southman
  12. Elandril: The First Skybenders by Dante Konieso
  13. A Long Time in the Future, in a Plane Close Bye by Lukus Georgius.
  14. The Big Book of Gnome Tricks by Cori Terriduke Nurfumble
  15. The Complete Encyclopaedia of Dwarven Grudges – book number XXXIII, by various authors.
  16. The Halfling’s Guide to Friends, Family and Food. A Condensed collection in 36 volumes, by various authors.
  17. Perfect Prestidigitation by Grundorf White
  18. Are We Pawns of the Gods, Living in their Imagined World? by Nicholi Proest Cunningham
  19. Aboleth to Zonethrope, a Naturalist”s Guide by Stevetheen Erlwine
  20. Dungeons to Lava Flows, a Survival Guide by Rie Meer Si

Well, that was pretty random in more than one way, but hopefully it was worth a few laughs. Enjoy the game and let us know if you have any more random book titles to share.