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Praise for Claustrophobia!

I came across this great review yesterday while researching another blog post.

“Claustrophobia! – A bunch of mostly insane dwarf adventurers attempt to ride a home built nuclear powered ‘submarine’ through the earth to reach the core, while slowly (or not so slowly) going completely insane. This game seems like a hilariously fun time, and really encourages off the wall and ridiculous scenarios cropping up constantly. I will most certainly be hounding my gaming group to play this one some time. (Currently my favorite of the one’s I’ve read.)”

Now that’s a positive review!


You can download the game for free from 1KM1KT and visit the official Facebook Page to discuss it.

Claustrophobia! – Combat Revisited

Claustrophobia! is a light role-playing game about gnomes on a suicidal mission to the Earth’s Core. Today I’m offering you a re-worked combat system. It’s lighter than the previous version (which was already pretty light), but this one has the benefit of actual play testing. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

A Garden Gnome ready for battle. You can tell it’s not a dwarf by the shoes, apparently.

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Concept Art – Claustrophobia!

Today I thought I’d share some of the concept art I’ve done for Claustrophobia! so far. Its been loads of fun getting out the pencils and brushes for this project, mucking about with watercolours and ink again. When I wrote Claustrophobia! I only had 24 hours for the creation process, so the concept art lets me explore the world in more detail. I’m excited to see where it will lead. Continue reading Concept Art – Claustrophobia!

Trouble’s The Name – Claustrophobia!

So, you’re an up and coming Doom Master (DM) with a Friday night game session of Claustrophobia! in the works. You’ve got snacks, you’ve got victims (also known as players) and you’ve even got an adventure. All you’re missing is a neat way to cause mayhem and destruction. Well, have no fear, I present to you… The Table of Trouble.

Spanner in the Works

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To Gnometopia in a Trash Can – Claustrophobia!

So hopefully you’ve had a chance to play test  Claustrophobia!, the game of suicidal garden gnomes on a journey to the Earth’s core. If you’ve been following my Twitter and DeviantArt accounts, you’ll have seen the engine that is Rising Phoenix Games is hard at work churning out more gnomic chaos. Today’s no exception. So, sit back, relax, open a cold one and enjoy…


When the Slime Hits the Fan

Claustrophobia! Slimed

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