Round Up – May’s RPG Blog Carnival

May’s RPG Blog Carnival was a blast, we destroyed worlds, reshaped history and watched heroes rise and fall, all in the spirit of “At World’s End”. Here’s a post by post summary… Moebius Adventures Only the brave or foolhardy would dare go beyond the borders of the world. Moebius Adventures offer up some great setting…

At World’s End

Imagine you’re coming to the finale of your years-long campaign. Friends are moving away, and you want to end with a memorable bang. A big bang. A cataclysmic bang! This time it’s not just the people and things the PCs love that are at stake, but their entire world that’s on the line. There is…

City of the Dead Kickstarter

I’m very excited to announce the Kickstarter for City of the Dead, a brand new zombie survival game by Gaea Games. I did the video, check it out. You’ll find out more about the game itself on the Kickstarter page. Get over there quickly, because that clock is ticking.

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