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Praise for Claustrophobia!

I came across this great review yesterday while researching another blog post.

“Claustrophobia! – A bunch of mostly insane dwarf adventurers attempt to ride a home built nuclear powered ‘submarine’ through the earth to reach the core, while slowly (or not so slowly) going completely insane. This game seems like a hilariously fun time, and really encourages off the wall and ridiculous scenarios cropping up constantly. I will most certainly be hounding my gaming group to play this one some time. (Currently my favorite of the one’s I’ve read.)”

Now that’s a positive review!


You can download the game for free from 1KM1KT and visit the official Facebook Page to discuss it.

Concept Art – Claustrophobia!

Today I thought I’d share some of the concept art I’ve done for Claustrophobia! so far. Its been loads of fun getting out the pencils and brushes for this project, mucking about with watercolours and ink again. When I wrote Claustrophobia! I only had 24 hours for the creation process, so the concept art lets me explore the world in more detail. I’m excited to see where it will lead. Continue reading Concept Art – Claustrophobia!

Claustrophobia! – Gnomes To The Rescue

Recently I released Claustrophobia!, the game of gnome mayhem on-board a terrestrial submarine headed for the Earth’s core and certain doom. The game is currently in play testing until the end of July this year. In Claustrophobia! you can use garden gnomes found in the wild (or bought at a store) as your “character sheet” and so today I’ll review some of the coolest garden gnomes out there.

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Claustrophobia! – 1KM1KT’s 24 Hour RPG Contest 2012

I love creative role-playing design competitions, like the One Page Dungeon Contest. They’re a great way to push the creative envelope and get work out there for the world to see. I’ve just finished work on my gnome-tastic RPG of subterranean mayhem for the 1KM1KT 24 Hour RPG Competition.
24 Hour RPG Competition 2012
Of course, a competition like this one calls for some out of the box thinking because, as was the case in this years competition, the box was literally and figuratively rather small…
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