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Pirate Sharks in D&D: Swim with Sharken

Remember Street Sharks? We did and we thought it would be fun to play (or battle against) as pirate sharks in our Dungeons & Dragons campaign.


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Last week we looked at a man-eating sea anemone, and this week I no longer need to remember how to spell anemone, because we have shark people!

Sharken — Pirate Sharks!

Violent, dim-witted mutants, sharken are humanoid sharks that terrorize the oceans.

Sharken have large mouths filled with razor sharp teeth, small dark eyes, and a large dorsal fin. Many of them decorate this fin with hooks, tattoos, and self-inflicted bullet holes. Sharken are powerfully built and violent. They are short-tempered, especially when they smell blood. Not known for their intelligence, they have instead earned a reputation as pirates, raiders, thugs, and bandits.

Sahuagin often ally with sharken, though sahuagin see themselves as superior to the shark-like creatures. They employ sharken as foot soldiers or guards, and most sizable sahuagin communities have sharken enclaves.

Sharken Pirate Shark for D&D


If you’re a subscriber, then we’ve got an extra special surprise coming; the sharken playable race! This includes four subraces, the bull sharken, great white, hammerhead, and whale sharken.

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Waterlocked Firearms

Waterlocked firearms use special cartridges and loading mechanisms to keep water out of the firing chamber. Waterlocked weapons can be loaded and fired underwater, but waterlocked items are never compatible with normal firearms. The cost of waterlocked firearms and ammunition is at least double the listed price. Waterlocked firearms are rare in campaigns that have firearms, and might be unique in campaigns where firearms are not generally available.

Do you have a better name than sharken? We think it’s an okay name, but maybe you’ve got something that’ll really wow us. Drop it in the comments below and it might become the new name for shark people.

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