Sentinels Watching – Not All The Rats Are In The Sewers


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This is the final instalment in our four part series, which started with chapter one, continued with chapter two and chapter three last week, and now comes to its climactic end. Be sure to read those posts before you continue with this one.

If you captured Lazar you can now pump him for information. Make an intimidate check of DC 10. If you succeed read the block below.

“Agh! Stop! stop!” Lazar squeals, his good eye wide with terror. “I’ll tell you everything.” He squirms uncomfortably, trying to inch away from you, but ready to talk. He details to you how he and his men were hired by a group known as the Sentinels, a secret organisation who offered a good reward in gold to bring Rotham to them. Lazar never actually met with anyone from the group, but he was to take Rotham under cover of darkness to the Sentinel Inn, where he supposes the organisation gets their name. He suggests that if you want more answers you’ll need to go poke around there.

If you get nothing from Lazar you can head out of the sewer, meeting up again with Rotham if you left him behind. Rothams own investigations have lead him to suspect something going on at the Sentinel Inn, and he’ll want to strike there now. You have an hour to rest up before heading out again. Any prisoners are locked up near the exit to the sewers.


The Sentinel Inn

The Sentinel Inn is a nondescript building within the main walls of the city. It is old but reasonably kept, possibly one of the oldest buildings in South Fort.

The Sentinel Inn Map
Download and print this map for todays adventure.


The adventure plays out like a mini dungeon map. There are three possible entrances into the inn, and these are listed below. You can try any and all entrances until you get in, then follow the numbered map below.


Breaking and Entering

You can try getting in through the front door, the stable doors or through the chimney, since there’s no fire rising from it. The Sentinel Inn is a two story building but all the windows are too small to fit through, even for small characters.


The Front Door

This is a double good wooden door, and is currently locked. Through a small window you can see an empty hallway beyond the doors. A Disable Device DC of 21 is required to get through the lock. Getting through the door brings you to room 2.


The Stable Doors

The stable has double doors on both sides of it, except that the Northern doors are blocked on the outside by a pile of crates, barrels and other discarded items. You can make a stealth check (DC 8 ) and a perception check (DC 14) to find a small hole through the crates which any small character can sneak through. If you fail the stealth check the crates clatter to the ground, possibly alerting occupants of the inn, but you can still use the hole if you find it, leading to room 1. The Southern door is a simple door with a lock (Disable Device DC 20). You can attempt to break down the door with your shoulder (DC 15 Strength Check). However, you can hear the sound of horses on the inside of the stables. Getting through the door brings you to room 1.


The Chimney

The chimney is large enough for a person to climb through, except that reaching it will be difficult. To climb up to the roof requires a DC 10 Climb check and you must make a second check of DC 15 to climb down on the inside of the chimney. If you have any rope you can reduce the DC to 10. If you fail you take D6 wounds from the fall (we’ll assume you fall from half way up of the 20 foot climb. Success brings you to room 2.


Inside the Inn

Refer to this map and read each room description given below once you enter it. If at any point you wish to leave the inn you can go to entry 7 below.


Sentinel Mini Map
Map Reference. See the corresponding entries below.


Room 1 – The Stables

The room is dark but you can see that two horses are stabled here. If you made a noise coming in they are stamping, snorting and generally making a noise. You can make a Handle Animal check, DC 10, to silence both animals (roll once). Otherwise, after three rounds two men come to see what’s happening and you’ll have to fight them, whether or not your still in the stables.

You can search the room (DC 10) to find 30′ of rope. A door leads from this room into room 2.


Room 2 – The Passage

This room is quiet. If you came in through the chimney or search the chimney make a DC 12 Perception check. If you’re successful you find a roll of papers in a leather tube. The papers are blank way-bills similar to the one found in the bandits lair.

Doors from this room lead into rooms 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can also leave via the main doors or through the chimney if you wish. The stairs lead up to the second story which is a series of empty guest rooms, all completely bare except for bed racks.


Room 3 – The Book Cook

The door to this room is locked (DC 20). It’s a good wooden door. You cannot see anything through the key hole, something is covering it, but you can hear someone moving about inside. If you manage to bash the door down in one round or pick the lock you get a surprise round against the occupant of the room. If not, or if you broke down the main doors to the inn, you find him standing ready for you. Otherwise this grey haired, portly man, is sitting at his desk, writing in a journal. You can attack him or threaten him. If you fight him, use the stats for Dominic Gladstone below, he attempts to run, but will fight if you have him cornered. If you wish to threaten him make an intimidate check at DC 10. If you fail he calls out and a henchman arrives in 3 rounds. If you succeed he hands you a journal, explaining that he wants only to live and this book contains all the evidence you will need to put the sentinels away for a long time.

If you search the room you find 100 gold pieces in a locked strong box. The lock is DC 25 and the hardness of the box is 8 with 60 hit points and a break DC of 25. The key is around Dominic’s neck.

From this room you can go back to room 2.


Room 4 – Guard Room

The door to this room is open and you can see movement inside. If you pass a stealth check (DC 10) and didn’t alert the horses in room 1, you can take a surprise round against the occupants of this room. There are 3 henchmen in this room, – 1 for everyone you have already faced.

Searching the room turns up some fine clothing worth 12 gold pieces.

From this room you can go back to room 2.


Room 5 – Master Mind

This door is open and ajar. You cannot see anyone from where you stand but you can tell that the room bends around out of sight.

If you’ve had no combat in the inn so far, and if you didn’t make any noise entering you get a surprise round on the occupant of this room, who is working at his desk with his back to you. Otherwise he is hiding on his bed in the darkness, make a perception check (DC 12) or he surprises you. He makes a single attack and then flees through the window and onto the roof. You can follow him with a DC 10 climb check.

Once on the roof go to the final showdown below.


Room 6 – We Paid To Be Left Alone

The door to this room is locked. It’s a simple wooden door with a lock DC of 19. Looking through the key hole you can the dim light of candles and you can hear giggles coming from within. If you get inside read the passage that follows.

A fat man with a thinning hair line and rosy cheeks is tickling a woman with elaborately styled hair, who squirms around and then freezes when she sees you, letting out a loud scream. “What’s the meaning of this?” the man shouts, “we paid to be left alone!”
It’s obvious these two will not be getting in your way, so you make your apologies and close the door as best as you can when you leave.

This room leads back to 2.


The Final Showdown

It has started to rain outside and as you climb up onto the roof Cedric turns to Rotham and spits out in loathing “So Rotham, you found me. Well done, but now what? You won’t get any medals for this.”
“I’m not after medals Wolfheart, I’m after rats like you!” Rotham draws his sword and aims it at Cedric. “I think it’s time you came clean.”

The rain has made the steep slate roof slippery and treacherous. If anyone is hit make a reflex save to avoid falling (DC 10). If you fall make a further DC 10 save to grab onto the gutter or take 2d6 damage from the fall. Cedric aims to knock you or Rotham off the roof, switching his attacks between the two of you. Once you have played three rounds of combat read the block below.

There is a flash of light and your night vision is robbed from you. You blink to clear your vision, the rain driving into your eyes making it no easier. When you finally clear your vision you see that Cedric has disappeared, leaving behind a burn mark on the roof and smoke that drifts up into the rain filled sky.

If you manage to defeat Cedric before he escapes, well done. You have completed the mission successfully. If not, if he managed to escape, well then that is an adventure for another day. You’ve still uncovered major goings on in South Fort, and helped Rotham in no small way. Well done adventurer. If you were defeated then hopefully some other hero will be along shortly to avenge you, perhaps another character played by you!



Sentinel Henchman

Human Gangster Thug, Lawful Evil

STR    15 (+2)            CON     12 (+1)            WIS      10 (+0)

DEX    11 (+0)            INT      9 (-1)               CHA      8 (-1)


Bastard sword (Melee): +4 to hit, 1d10 + 2 Damage (19-20/x2).


AC: 10 (touch 10, flat-footed 10)                HP: 11
Fort: +3                     Ref: +0                        Will:+0

Skills: Intimidate +3.

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword) and Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword).

Inventory: Bastard sword, 2d6 gold pieces.

Tactics: These guys are all about dealing damage, but hit them enough (6 or more damage) and they will run away.


Dominic Gladstone

Human Counterfeiter, Chaotic Neutral

STR    10 (+0)            CON     11 (+0)            WIS      8(-1)

DEX    12 (+1)            INT      15 (+2)               CHA      9 (-1)


Mwk Dagger (Melee): +1 to hit, 1d4 Damage (19-20/x2).


AC: 11 (touch 11, flat-footed 10)                HP: 8
Fort: +0                     Ref: +1                        Will:+1

Skills: Appraise +6, Bluff +3, Craft (Forge Documents) +9, Knowledge (Local) +6, Knowledge (Nobility) +6, Linguistics +6, Sense Motive +3, Sleight of Hand +5.

Feats: Run and Skill Focus (Craft – Forge Documents).

Inventory: Mwk Dagger, 5d6 gold pieces.

Tactics: If attacked Dominic will try to run away.


Cedric Wolfheart

Human Guardsman and Traitor, Lawful Evil

STR    11 (+1)            CON     12 (+1)            WIS      9(-1)

DEX    15 (+2)            INT      10 (+0)               CHA      8 (-1)


MWK Long sword (Melee): +3 to hit, 1d6 + 1 Damage (19-20/x2).
Light Crossbow (Ranged): +3 to hit, 1d8 + 2 Damage (19-20/x2).


AC: 13 (touch 13, flat-footed 12)                HP: 15
Fort: +0                     Ref: +1                        Will:+1

Skills: Appraise +4, Bluff +4, Perception +3, Sense Motive +3, Climb +2.

Feats: Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot.

Inventory: Blue Coat, MWK Long sword, Leather Armour, Light Crossbow (15 bolts), 15 gold pieces.

Tactics: Cedric tries to surprise attack anyone who enters his room, then flees through the window, climbing up to the roof (DC 10 climb check).



Well, that’s the end of the solo campaign, for now. Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment. Keep an eye open for the PDF version coming soon that will include higher quality maps, more adventure option and the final battle with Wolfheart and his magic wielding accomplice.