Sandy Soulless Somnambulists – One Page Dungeon Competition 2012

I’m talking about mummies, of course, how could you not get that? Well, it’s One Page Dungeon Contest time again, which I entered last year (2011) with the Lunatic Labyrinth, which was really a fun little project and something I’m still playing around with.  This year I decided to try something a little more traditional. I proudly present… Paranoia Pyramid! Eek, gasp, oh the humanity!

Paranoia Pyramid
Fake doors, quicksand, slow sand and skeletons with bad aim... oh the horror!


Paranoia Pyramid

Somewhere is the Desert of Scales lies the pyramid of Tutmosiss (said with a snake like lisp), said to contain not only the entombed body of the snake-man pharaoh but also his valuable treasures, ripe for the picking. Of course, the legends say nothing of the undead legion protecting his sandy crypt, or the fact that the architect of the pyramid had a particularly dry sense of humour for someone born and raised in a waterless desert. Pardon the pun.

Download it here: Paranoia Pyramid (PDF, 1.92 MB)


The Science

First off, while I like science and have started enjoying maths since Varsity, I don’t consider myself to be science or maths brained much, even with my IT degree, but check this: draw a big square on an A4 page, then draw a big square in the rectangular space left over. You’re now messing with something called the Golden Ratio and might create, gasp, a Golden Spiral, with those squares getting smaller and smaller as you dice up those ever present rectangles.

Now, what do you get if you stack squares, starting with the largest at the bottom and ending with the smallest on top? A step pyramid!

So, you see, there is at least some method in my madness. While I didn’t divide up the entire A4 sheet using the golden ratio, it does, I think, provide Game Masters with a nice way to spread out the action over multiple levels on a single map.


For the Future

I’m seriously considering doing a mini solo adventure with this dungeon map, something like I did with Sentinels Watching. If you’d like to play this as a solo adventure or would rather I released something for a group why not let me know by leaving a comment. Of course, if you’re also in the running for the 1PDC why don’t you tell me where I can put in some work to beat your submission. May the most fearsome vault of fellowship fouling using a forlorn folio win the day.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Soulless Somnambulists – One Page Dungeon Competition 2012”

  1. This is an excellent idea! I loved your Lunatic Labyrinth idea from last year’s contest, and can’t wait to get home to check out what insanity you’ve devised this time!

    I would love to see the solo idea work out, as many people have trouble getting groups together; I fondly remember the solo encounters put together by Flying Buffalo back in the day. Some of them were silly, but you don’t really find that kind of stand-alone product anymore. I guess computer games spelled their death-knell.

    1. Thanks AlHazred! Yeah, there’s some great solo stuff out there if you look hard enough, I’ll be blogging about solo roleplaying soon too. Watch this space.

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