RPGSS2015 – Round 3

The top 16 contestants have entered round 3, as RPG Superstar 2015 continues to heat up.

RPG Superstar 2015

Round 3 is all about unleashing new terrors on the world of Golarion.
The judges offered some great monster creation hints on the forum, which are well worth a read, even if you’re just making monsters for your own home game. Mikko Kallio, last years winner, offered these tips, Adam Daigle, a developer at Paizo, offered these, and Eric Hindley (Movie Monster Matinee and Classic Monsters Augmented) posted these tips.

You can find the official Pathfinder rules for monster creation here and loads of monster inspiration on the List of Legendary Creatures on Wikipedia.

Avernos Unearthed

Elves are a mysterious, reclusive people, who stay well hidden within the borders of the Veiled Lands. It comes as no surprise then that human mistrust of elves is almost instinctual, rooted in a deep fear of all things Fey. However, when the scholars of the Collage av Magi in Pandatheon began to study elves and their world, they found a people so lovely and enchanting that they fell, literally, in love. Over time the scholars and their elven companions intermarried, resulting in the birth of a new race, the Halfelven.

Avernos Wiki

The Books of Faces

I’ve put a fair bit of work into a sample book, which I’ve given to a few friends to test out. I’m currently in the process of updating the work, based on their feedback. Hopefully this will mean a sample book will be available to you soon. Till then, drop by the Facebook page or the Adventure Chronicle to have your say on what happens next.

Campaign Journal

This week I built my first Call of Cthulhu character, and, as a bonus, finally learnt how to spell Cthulhu. I’m not a big horror fan, and I’m not a fan of H.P.Lovecraft the man, but I really did enjoy his stories. Really looking forward to giving the game a try.

And, speaking of new games, here are some you can try for free:

Any games I missed? Leave a link in the comments.

Rising Phoenix News
Things are going well for the Phoenix, except that it’s all behind-the-scenes stuff. Maybe I’ll have something for you next week.

Inspired in Japan
Since we’re talking monsters, did you know Japan has its own version of hobbits? The koro-pok-guru are little folk from northern Japan, maybe a little shorter than hobbits, who live under butterbur leaves and are skilled at fishing (a good skill to have if you’re a hungry hobbit).

Koro-pok-guru are not new to role-playing, having featured as a playable race, the Koborokuru, in Shadowrun (see the Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows rulebook).

That’s all from me until next Thursday.
Tell Thrilling Tales

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Shadowrun: Run Faster
Shadowrun: Run Faster

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