Rattle Me Bones

Reaper Miniature’s Bones are a great new line of cheap role-playing minis. I bought three boxes for 950 Yen (about 95 ZAR, 9.55 USD or 6.09 GBP) from Yellow Submarine in Shinjuku, which gave me a dwarf hero (Fulumbar Ironhand), an ogre chieftain and six kobolds in three different poses. Here they are in their boxes:

Reaper Bones in boxes
Bones, bones, bones!

The minis are unpainted and the packs I bought don’t require any assembly other than cutting the kobolds off their sprue. They don’t include attachable bases because they’re moulded with thin bases that work well enough. As for painting, you don’t need to base coat them, but read this excellent article for more on priming Reaper Bones. I’m going to try a black base coat and go from there.

Unpainted Reaper Bones
Two encounters and a hero for cheap!


The detail is excellent. The dwarf has a raised rune on his warhammer and beer flagon design on his shield, with a bear pelt over his shoulders. Perfect for my Pathfinder Society character. The ogre is a little strange, he has a face on his club, from a Treant I’d guess, and a mammoth on his belt buckle. I don’t get any of it, but its fits with the figure anyway. The detailing on the kobolds is much simpler. But then, they are longsword fodder anyway. Good enough for minions.

Fulumbar Ironhand and Ogre Chieftain from Reaper with a Quickling from the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures line.
Fulumbar Ironhand and Ogre Chieftain from Reaper with a Quickling from the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures line. That’s Medium, Small and Large from left to right.


The plastic is pretty resilient too, although I’ve seen pictures of warped minis on the net. Proper care should see them lasting years and years.

The best thing about Bones is that you can stock a dungeon with your pocket money. Spend a little extra for paint and you’re good to go.

All the figures are creatures you’d expect to get use out of: ghosts, vampires, werewolves, goblins, skeletons and so on. There’s nothing you might use in D&D once, if ever, and not in Pathfinder, like many D&D Miniatures were.



Reaper Miniatures on Amazon.com

For interest sake, the Bones KickStarter page has plenty for you to drool over.

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  1. Hey Rodney, Is there a big selection of miniatures in Yellow Submarine? I’ve been looking at the Reaper Bones and there are some that would work well for our game. Also…. at are there any CoC miniatures?

    1. Hey Andy. Shinjuku Yellow Submarine has the best selection of the stores I’ve been to. I bought a bunch of Reaper Bones and many D&D Minis there. But if you’re looking for monsters, my recommendation is to buy sets of Dungeon Command off amazon.co.jp.

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