D4 Dungeon — An OSR Dungeon Crawl RPG

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D4 Dungeon is a print and play OSR dungeon crawl RPG using four-sided dice.


The D4 Dungeon Mascot, Billy BonesThe pyramid of Krug lies in the deep mists of the Valley of Bones, drifting in and out of reality as the tides of magic ebb and rise. Four determined tomb robbers have climbed the pyramid’s many black steps to reach the ancient tomb’s pinnacle, and the great door of bone.

Beyond the grim door’s threshold lie the many mysteries and horrors of the pyramid. Those who overcome them may discover great treasures, or a horrible end. Beware, for the pyramid’s power will work for and against you.

D4 Dungeon is a light dungeon crawl and a love-letter to old-school RPGs. It includes all the maps you’ll need to play, four character cards for the greedy Tomb Robbers under your control, a Doom Clock to mark the hour of your ultimate demise, and the rules in a printer-friendly PDF.

D4 Dungeon Printables

To play, you’ll need 6 or more four-sided dice (D4s), plenty of glass beads to use as counters, and a sense of impending doom!

D4 Dungeon was originally created for the “A Game by its Cover” (#AGBIC) game jam on and to celebrate our 400th post on the Rising Phoenix Games blog. The game will always be free on the Rising Phoenix Games store to celebrate and to say thank you to all our fans!

Art.                      Jack Badashski
Game.                  Rodney Sloan
Requires.             Six or more D4s (four-sided dice)


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