Paper Warriors

I love miniatures, but it was only a few years ago that I gave paper miniatures a try. I’m glad I did. Paper miniatures are inexpensive, easy to carry around, replaceable and look great. That makes them worthwhile if you have to travel and GM.

SWAT in the Dungeon
“Go go go”


Here are a few links I recently stumbled across:



RPGNow: Look around and you’ll find loads of free paper miniatures, as well as some well worth their price.

One Monk: has a great collection of figures for fantasy and sci-fi. A good site if you’re looking for armies of miniatures.

Okumarts Games: has a fantasy set that looks great, and you can get their starter set free now.

Mini Lab Models: Great historic knights and fencers.

Wizards of the Coast: have some free terrain you can download too.


Here’s a great collection of links to other paper miniature sites, if you have the time to sift through everything.



Of course, we can’t forget about Claustrophobia! Here’s a paper gnome from this site.


And lastly, just for fun, a little Star Wars diorama.

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