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One of the things I absolutely love about game design is that I’m learning all the time. In this article, I’m going to talk a little about what ‘baby steps’ really mean and how you can go about learning new game dev skills — or anything else — to become a better game designer, GM, or whatever.

Write - Design - Program
Write – Design – ProgramWrite

Think about it; what do ‘baby steps’ actually mean? First of all, they’re small and slow. Baby’s don’t take steps until they’ve first managed to support the weight of their own head, roll around, push themselves up, crawl, and then pull themselves up and stand. That’s a whole lot of learning that’s happening in a brain that’s a giant information sponge — and we haven’t even taken a ‘baby step’ yet.

When babies start walking, they get everywhere, exploring the world around them and enjoying the new freedom afforded to them by their little legs. It’s fun, and the risk of falling doesn’t hold them back much.

If there’s a new skill you want to learn — and this doesn’t just apply to learning new game dev skills — then you need to be like a baby:

Have Fun

In a recent interview, with Kenny from Oh! Sheep, I talked about following your passion. Passion certainly fuels motivation, but things can quickly start to look more like work than play when the lines between your job and hobby blur. You have to keep things fun, and that often comes down to finding the fun.

If you can’t find ways to keep things fun for yourself and you’re creating games, writing for entertainment, or trying to bring joy to others, then that’s something worth investigating for yourself. Ultimately, I think it comes down to a sense of play or having a puzzle to solve. A lot of the time work throws puzzles at you, and trying to crack them can be a lot of fun.

I once asked my dad why I’d never seen the train set he had as a boy laid out before. He told me that, as an engineer and property developer, he was doing that sort of thing every day, only on a much bigger scale. His job was full of puzzles, and there was a sense of play to his work. It has kept him motivated, even after suffering a debilitating stroke.

Compete with Yourself

Unlike most of us, babies are never comparing themselves to other babies and putting themselves down for what they can’t do.

It seems even more difficult to avoid comparing ourselves these days, thanks to social media. When was the last time you came away from social media feeling good about yourself? If Twitter or Facebook left you feeling down or angry the last time you visited, what types of posts affected you and how did they make you feel, personally? Did you feel like you weren’t achieving enough? I often get that feeling when browsing social media.

The thing is to compete with yourself, not with the world. It’s far better to get better each day than to be like someone else, and it’s far less draining.

Something from nothing

That’s the motivation mostly out of the way. Let’s get practical for a moment.

Breaking It Down into the Basics

I picked up skateboarding again two months ago. I’m… not very good, but I see a lot of things more clearly now than I did when I was a kid, inspired by Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk and trying to learn to ride for the first time.

For one thing, we’re incredibly lucky to have the Internet and sites like YouTube that make learning more accessible. That doesn’t mean that all of the content is good, accurate, or useful, but we can easily skim through basic information in a couple of minutes, assimilate and process it, then apply it.

Most YouTube videos (and posts like this one) tend to provide the surface information, and you have to dig deeper to gain true mastery. That’s true of many books too, but we have to be aware that we’re only scratching the surface.

As an example, something that doesn’t come up much in videos on skateboarding is how important it is to get the basics right. Yes, many videos talk about where to put your feet for a trick, but few people are talking about getting comfortable on your board, riding in different stances, riding backwards, getting comfortable turning, stopping, and generally mastering the basics. Nobody thinks these basics are cool. Maybe they’re just seen as the gateway to becoming a real skater. Even though these skills are fundamental to being able to skateboard and the best skateboarders have mastered these skills.

In Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else, Geoff Colvin talks about deliberate practice, and a part of that is getting the right practice for your needs. This, I think, also means not getting too far ahead of yourself.

I recently read an article about a martial artist that spent lockdown practicing footwork, the “literal foundation” of martial arts. He listed three goals he had:
1. Be comfortable with either foot leading.
2. Be able to stop instantly without losing balance.
3. Maintain a good posture throughout his movement.

By focusing on these basics he was able to improve a vital element of his martial arts skill, train using his limited resources, and overcome bad habits.

Image Credit: Drew Beamer
Image Credit: Drew Beamer

In short, you have to look for the pillars of whatever skill you’re learning, then seek to master them.

In coding, this might be understanding the logic of if else statements and other general coding principles before trying to master the whole of Java.

In writing, knowing how to write good, grammatically sound sentences has made it far easier for me to deal with the complexities of storytelling and composing larger pieces.

When I first started skateboarding, I was pushing mongo, which is generally considered the worst way to push a skateboard around. It never felt comfortable and it caused all sorts of other issues. Since starting again, I’ve focused on the basics and seen much better growth. Skateboarding now feels like something that’s possible, rather than an impossible pipe dream.

Not saying I’ve cracked the code or anything, but it certainly seems there’s a lot of worth in having a good base to any skill you want to master.

#RPGCon is Wrapping Up

Rising Phoenix Games’ #RPGCon has been a real blast, and we’ve loved sharing every minute of it with you. We’ve already begun discussing plans for next year, so hopefully #RPGCon will just grow and grow. Thank you all so much for your support!
Rising Phoenix Games Con
You can still find all the articles, interviews, and discounts on the  #RPGCon Homepage. Many of the discounts are ending today and tomorrow, so this is your last chance to buy great supplements for Pathfinder 1e, D&D 5e, and some excellent stand-alone games.

More Hand Drawn Maps for Your RPG Projects

Kim Frandsen has been working hard to create a great collection of hand drawn maps for your RPG projects and campaigns. We’ve already shown you a bunch of the Elite Design Elements maps, and today we’ll take a look at the newest ones.

Tips for your Hand Drawn Maps

If you’re new to Photoshop and layout, you might be looking for a few ideas to get more out of your Elite Design Elements hand drawn maps. Luckily, we made a video for that!

If you’d like to know how to do something specific with your maps, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to help, either with a direct reply or with a follow-up video.

More Maps are Coming

Got a request for a map? Type it out in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do. There are plenty more maps on the way too, so check the Elite Design Elements category on Drive Thru RPG often.

Elite Design Elements and You

Elite Design Elements is a line of stock art, maps, and resources to help you create better RPG products and campaigns. Our stock art license is very reasonable, allowing you to get the maximum amount of usage out of your purchase — we like to keep things simple and easy so you can get on and create better RPG products.

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Rising Phoenix Games Interview with Oh Sheep!

Kenny of Oh Sheep! recently interviewed me about the creation of Rising Phoenix Games, publishing games, pursuing your passion, and building your audience. Check out the Rising Phoenix Games Interview with Oh Sheep! below, or on YouTube.

Have any questions about the Rising Phoenix Games interview? Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

You can find out more about the Oh, Sheep! card game and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the project on the Oh, Sheep! website. There’s also a print and play version of their beta rules for Oh, Sheep!

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Tuesday’s post was the next installment in the Valkyrie: Ragnarok series of fiction: Flight Through Bastion.

Phoenixes of the Realms — Fire Fowl of Faerûn

Phoenixes of the Realms is our newest title on the Dungeon Master’s Guild. The book is a comprehensive collection of phoenixes and phoenix related player options, including seven phoenix subspecies. And you know how much we love phoenixes.

Phoenixes of the Realms

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. The Desert Phoenix (Huge, Challenge 10)
  2. The Desolation Phoenix (Gargantuan, Challenge 18)
  3. The Imperial Phoenix (Large, Challenge 14). inspired by the Chinese Fenghuang and Japanese Houou.
  4. Two new flaming feathered familiars, including the Shield Phoenix.
  5. Rules for phoenix feather magical items.
  6. Phoenix Guardian monastic tradition
  7. Oath of the Phoenix sacred oath.
  8. The Miniature, Frost, and Hydro phoenixes.

Phoenixes of the Realms Page 5

Origins of the Book

Phoenixes of the Realms converts the rules, which first appeared in Phoenixes — A Field Guide (Pathfinder RPG), to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. It includes new rules and is now set in Faerûn, though it is more of a monster and player option book than a setting book. Ismael Alvarez did a great job of converting the rules, while Anja Svare handled layout. We’ve added more magical phoenix feathers to round out the offering.

Phoenixes of the Realms Page 14

The book is available on the Dungeon Masters Guild and is sure to be an invaluable addition to any campaign featuring these flame-feathered creatures. It also supports the OGL, so you can add a little phoenix magic to your own roleplaying projects.


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Phoenixes of the Realms is 20% Off, during RPG Con only. Grab it while it’s, erm, hot.

Aurora’s Christmas at the Realms Emporium

Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue was a supplement for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd-Edition, packed full of fun and useful items for your characters. Now, we’re revisiting Aurora’s Whole Realms Emporium for some early Christmas shopping!

Aurora's Christmas Catalogue

Friends of mine, Ismael Alvarez, Kim Frandsen, and Troy Daniels kindly asked me to join them in revisiting Aurora’s Whole Realms Emporium, this time for D&D fifth edition. We’ve been doing so for a while now, with a Summer, Autumn, Winter, and now a Christmas catalogue published on the Dungeon Master’s Guild.

Need the perfect gift for the barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard in your party? Look no further.


Aurora’s Whole Realms Spring Catalogue is in the works, and will soon go off to editing and then layout.

Aurora’s Christmas — Behind the Scenes

A magician never reveals their secrets, but, besides the fact that we deal with magic all the time, I’m no magician, so let me show you a little about what happens behind the scenes during the making of any Aurora’s Whole Realms Seasonal Catalogue.

First, one of our developers becomes a 17th-level wizard and learns the gate spell. We then pool our collective resources, sell a few unnecessary organs, and purchase a diamond worth exactly 5,000 gold pieces. The exchange rate between South African Rands and gold pieces has never been great, so we don’t go for flashier bling, or cut corners. Our dev then teleports to Faerûn to speak directly with Aurora.

On his probable return, the developer sits down with the rest of the writers to produce an accurate translation of the latest seasonal catalog from Common into English. We then have our ash dwarves layout the document in MS Paint, before fairy magic turns the document into the glorious PDF available for purchase.

It’s worth noting that we don’t use any gnomes during the process, they’ve already got plenty of other work to keep them busy and can’t spell ‘catalogue’ to save their lives.

Rising Phoenix Games’ RPG Con is On

Rising Phoenix Games’ RPG Con is this week, all week, right here on the blog!
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Tuesday’s post was the next installment in the Valkyrie: Ragnarok series of fiction: Flight Through Bastion.

A Special Bonus, Just for You

You made it to the end of the article, so here’s a 20% off coupon on Aurora’s Christmas, just for you.

Mini Monday Recap, All the Projects, Ever!

Mini Monday is a bi-weekly blog series where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting projects for your roleplaying and tabletop gaming. The goal is to get through the mountain of grey metal and plastic we all have in our cupboards. Here you’ll find the complete list of articles, listed by project and project type. You can also find all the Mini Monday articles listed, from newest to oldest, by checking out the Mini Monday category.

Mini Monday Logo

  1. Japanese Torii Gate (Terrain)
  2. Drow (Miniature Painting)
  3. Flying Sword (Kitbash)
  4. Sailing Boat (Scratch Built)
  5. Mushrooms (Terrain)
  6. Stalagmite and Road Post (Terrain)
  7. Ork Guns (Kitbash)
  8. Hobby Tools (Article)
  9. Smoke Grenade Objective Markers (Scratch Built)
  10. Rokkit Launcha and Motivation (Kitbash and Motivation)
  11. Basing Basics (Miniature Painting)
  12. Travel Wargaming (Article)
  13. Level Up Your Painting (Miniature Painting Article)
  14. Getting Started (Miniature Painting and Motivation)
  15. Yochlol (Miniature Painting)
  16. Skeletons (Miniature Painting)
  17. Cacodemon (Mini Painting and Conversion)
  18. Ork Deff Dread Gundams (Kitbash)
  19. Barrow-downs (Terrain)
  20. Saxon, from Mouse Guard (Miniature Sculpting)
  21. Keeping Motivated (Motivation)
  22. Grot Oiler (Kitbash)
  23. Familiars (Miniature Painting)
  24. Flesh Golem (Miniature Painting)
  25. Tavern Storefront (Terrain)
  26. MVP Your Way to a Painted Army (Motivation & Miniature Painting)
  27. Zombie White Dragon (Miniature Painting)
  28. Orktober 2020 (General introduction to a month of painting Orks! Yes, we love Orks.)
  29. Orktober Ork Weirdboy (Kitbash)
  30. Black Orc to Ork Runtherd (Kitbash)
  31. Start Painting Warhammer 40,000 Vehicles (Painting)
  32. Hobby Momentum (Motivation & Terrain)
  33. Painting Plan (Painting)
  34. Pallets for Scatter Terrain (Terrain)

If there’s anything else you’d like to see me tackle, leave it in the comments below.

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Gargoyle Mini Monday Mug
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Flight Through Bastion — Valkyrie: Ragnarok

Continue the Valkyrie: Ragnarok story with Faya’s flight through Bastion. Can she escape, or will she swing for the trail of blood she has left behind her?

Subscribe to our newsletter for the full excerpt. You can find past excerpts by checking out the Valkyrie: Ragnarok tag (bookmark it).

Author’s Note:

We leave Faya’s memory of the dwarves to return to her flight through the city of Bastion. She has just stabbed a man and lost a business associate, and now, with the authorities after her, she tries to make her escape through the labyrinthine city of Bastion. Faya knows that, as a half-elf, she isn’t likely to receive a fair trial; escape is her only option.

If you’ve missed parts of the story, don’t worry, I’ll be compiling all of these into a complete novel, so enjoy these highlights from Faya’s adventures in the meantime.

Flight through Bastion. Image credit: Jace Afsoon
Image credit: Jace Afsoon

Flight Through Bastion

Faya slid under the giant’s tabard and through his legs. Leaping up, she caught a slender stone strut that angle up, into the darkness.

Below she could see the lamps and burning torches of the Undercity. Above sparkled the undying magical luminescence of glow globes.

With her hands and feet, she climbed up and up as arrows whizzed past her. She had to somehow slip out of sight of the watch and escape.

More struts, like stony black ribs, appeared out of the darkness above her. She jumped for them, but as she flew through the air an arrow punched through her upper arm. She caught one of the struts with both hands, but the pain was too much and her right hand slipped.

For a moment she hung in space, illuminated by the torches of the watch and dangling in the open.

Faya gritted her teeth against the pain and caught the strut with her injured hand, then hauled herself up. More arrows bit at the stone between her and the shouting men. She hopped from strut to strut, as her pursuers followed her along the parallel walkway below.

The series of struts ended abruptly at a wall, which the walkway cut through via a narrow tunnel. It was too far to jump back to the walkway, which was packed with men brandishing halberds. Where in the Abyss was that giant, Faya though? She could sense the tempo of the archers now and waited for the lull between their firing and reloading. Then she swung out again and caught the edge of the tiled roof above and pulled herself up, screaming against the pain in her arm. In a moment she was running up the sloped roof, then over an adjoining roof that covered the wall. The guards followed her through the tunnel, their arrows ready to catch her if she hesitated for even a moment.

There was nothing on the other side, only a deep dark void and a covered bridge that crossed from left to right above her. It was too far to jump.

Suddenly Faya heard a sharp crack. It took her a moment to feel the pain across her cheek, but by then she’d already turned to face her assailant. A city watchman, dresses in the burgundy and black of their number, stood higher up on the roof, his whip coiling through the air for another strike.

“Oh yes, let’s play!” The man was slender, with angry red skin and a sneer. His whip arched back, then snapped forwards in a flash.

“No games,” Faya said, as she caught the whip. She gave it a hard pull and it came free from the man’s hand. The momentum pulled him forwards and he stumbled towards the edge. In a flash, Faya jumped onto his back and launched herself towards the bridge. As the man fell to his death, she lashed out with the whip and caught one of the stone pillars of the bridge. She swung across. She climbed up as fast as she could, aware that an arrow could catch her at any moment.

Springing through one of the stone arches, she bumped over a baker and her basket of fresh bread. Other people stopped to watch the commotion, and the shout went up for the watch. It was early morning, and if she stayed on the street she’d never escape.

Looking around Faya spotted an ash dwarf chained to a post. The post was affixed to the wall by brackets and ran up into the rafters of the bridge’s roof.

Just then crowd parted, and the giant came into view.

The rest of the story continues later this week, but you’ll have to be a newsletter subscriber to get the rest of the action.

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Monday’s post was about painting flesh golems for your roleplaying table.

RPG Con at Rising Phoenix Games, 3-9 Aug

Rising Phoenix Games’ RPG Con is this week, all week, right here on the blog!
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Monday’s post was about painting flesh golems for your roleplaying table.
Tuesday’s post was the next installment in the Valkyrie: Ragnarok series of fiction: Flight Through Bastion.
Wednesday’s posts included a look back at all our previous Mini Monday projects and a look at Aurora’s Whole Realms Christmas Catalogue.
Thursday’s post introduced Phoenixes of the Realms, our latest creature supplement for the DMs Guild.
Kenny from Oh, Sheep! recently interviewed me about Rising Phoenix Games. You can find that interview in Friday’s post.

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Flesh Golem Frank N. Stein — Mini Monday 24

It’s Mini Monday, where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting projects for your roleplaying and tabletop gaming. This week we’re painting Mr Frank N. Stein, the flesh golem from the Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game.

Mini Monday Logo

The flesh golem from the Castle Ravenloft Board Game is one of my favourite minis. The detail is crisp and he looks like he has just walked onto the stage of an Iron Maiden concert. I wanted him to have really gross, leathery skin, and I’m very pleased with how he turned out.

Flesh Golem Final

Undercoating and Flesh Wash Magic

I sprayed the mini white, then painted sections of his skin in off-green, off-blue, and flesh colour. I also left some sections white. It’s all in the name of visual interest.

Flesh Golem Basecoat
Yum, yum. I think I might never eat sushi again.

I then went over this with my magical Flesh Wash. I’ve used it in a few projects now, such as the Cacodemon, Yochlol, and the skeletons. Flesh Wash was perfect for getting that dry leather look, and the off-green and off-blue shows though enough to give it a sickly look. Perfection!

Flesh Golem Flesh Wash
Flesh Wash for a Flesh Golem! I knew there was something to the name!

Stitches and Iron

After some experimenting, I painted the stitches black. If Dr Frankenstein was using thread, these would turn black from the blood it would soak up. I did try adding silver to make them look like staples, but that didn’t make sense to me in a fantasy setting, so I ditched the idea.

Okay, he has metal fingers under the flesh of his one hand, but I’m still not doing staples. I picked out the raised metal edges with silver paint.


I didn’t want to paint every stitch, so I tried a marker pen instead. What I didn’t realise until I’d finished was that I was using a dry-erase pen. Whenever I added wet paint or varnish, the colour ran and pooled in an ugly mess. What seems to have worked was going over this with an actual permanent marker or dryish paint.

Live and learn.

Exposed Muscle

I painted the flesh golem’s exposed muscle pink, then went over the raised parts with a reddish-purple. I used a black wash to pick out the detail, and then made sure to use a gloss varnish to make this section appear wet.


We decided on purple pants to contrast nicely with the orangy flesh, and because this guy looks like an undead version of the Hulk.

I painted the pants the same reddish-purple as the exposed muscle, then dry brushed a lighter purple over the raised bits. The straps were painted a leathery brown and given metal highlights on the buckles. Finally, I used a black wash (watered-down black paint) to pick out the shadows.

Almost done!
The first layer of paint on the pants. It’s not very smooth, but the dry brushing will cover that up.

Final Details

I painted the tongue pink and the teeth yellow, then these also got a black wash. When I was done, I gave varnished the flesh golem with matt varnish, except for the exposed muscle, as I mentioned before.

Flesh Golem Final
Here he is again, in all his gory glory.

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WizKids Deep Cuts Familiars — Mini Monday 23

It’s Mini Monday, where I share customizing, scratch building, kitbashing, and miniature painting projects for your roleplaying and tabletop gaming. This week I’m painting the Pathfinder Battles: Deep Cuts Familiars, produced by WizKids and NECA.

Mini Monday Logo

Deep Cuts is my favorite RPG mini range right now, because the detail, variety, and price are spot on. The Deep Cuts Familiars blister contains a badger, bat, and a fox, which is a lot of value, even if nobody in your party is keeping a familiar around.

Deep Cuts Familiars
These little critters taxed me to the very edge of my photography skills. This will have to do.

For all of the Deep Cuts Familiars, finding good references really helped. Look for quality photos of real animals. It may sound obvious, but when you spend most of your time painting fantasy creatures, the chance to refer to nature is a rare treat.

The Key to Fur

The trick with fur is to get the countershading right.

Photo of a fox
Photo credit: Erik McLean

Countershading is the tendency animals have of having a darker coloration on their upper side and a lighter coloration on their underside, like this fox with his lighter tummy. Our badger friend is an exception, but only in that it’s flipped around for him, with his lighter top and darker underside.

You can paint countershading in a number of ways, but the important thing is to know where the graduations are and where there’s a sudden change in color. Look at how the orange fur under his eyes suddenly becomes white, while on his forelegs the change from black to orange is more gradual.

The Bat

Priming is already done for you, so we can dip right in. The stone was painted gray, then dry brushed with a lighter gray. The bat was painted a chocolate brown, then I mixed in a little white for the dry brushing highlights. Lastly, I washed the stone with a black wash.

The Badger

I painted him the same gray as the stone on the bat mini, but then dry brushed white on the top and painted the muzzle white. I touched this up with gray over his eyes to form the distinctive patterns on the badger’s face. Paint the legs black.

For the badger’s stone, I had painted it gray, but there wasn’t much contrast, so I went back over it with a dark brown, then light brown highlights. This made all the difference.

The Fox

This might be my best paint job yet. See, I’m learning!

I painted the whole fox orange, then dry brushed a lighter orange over that, with white over the tail. The nose, eyes, and mouth were all painted black. Also note that foxes have black inside their ears and on their forelegs. Getting the patterning right is half the battle, but so satisfying when you get it right.

The base was painted dark gray and then dry brushed light gray.


The last thing to do it varnish them and stick them on their bases, then you’re done. I knocked all three out over a Saturday, so they don’t take much time at all.

You can get the Pathfinder Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures: Familiars on Paizo or at most good hobby gaming stores.

It’s Christmas in July!

Celebrate Christmas in July with Aurora’s Whole Realms Christmas Catalogue, and remember: it’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping!



Be sure to check out our other Aurora’s Seasonal Catalogues, we’ve got something for everyone!

Aurora’s Seasonal Catalogues


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