Old School D&D Digitally Reborn

22 January 2013

This day will go down in the history of role-playing.

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) released most (if not all) of their past Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) print products as digital downloads via the popular RPG download site Drive Thru RPG. Yes, everything from the first ever edition of D&D, through AD&D, 3.5 and even 4th Edition is available for you to buy online, right now. That is if their site can handle all the traffic it’s getting at the moment from fans eager to get their hands on out-of-print books.


Not only has Wizards shown that they really do care about the fans, but their whole business model has shifted in a way that answers many of the pleas and grumbles fans have had with the RPG giant. With this move, WotC have given power back to all the fans and hobbyists, and that power is the power to choose. I think we’ll see more people coming back to the rules and settings they loved and, hopefully, the growth of the hobby in general, because of this. Time will tell.

Surely, if nothing else, this move demonstrates the power of the Internet and the thirst for digital products.

Get your fix for D&D on Drive Thru RPG or at www.dndclassics.com!