Old School and New

Drive Thru RPG is currently having a sale on Old School RPG’s. You can check out the sale here, and use this coupon code to get 15% off featured titles: OSRF711F2.

Drive Thru Cards

OneBookShelf, the guys who brought you Drive Thru RPG and Drive Thru Comics, recently launched Drive Thru Cards. Their launch sale is running through the week and there are freebies available if you order now.



Claustrophobia! on the Geek

Anyone following the Claustrophobia! Facebook page will know that I mentioned that Claustrophobia! is now listed on RPGGeek. If you’ve not heard of RPGGeek, you may know about BoardGameGeek, which is a huge database listing and rating boardgames. RPGGeek is much the same, but with a focus on role-playing games. Have a look around.

More on Claustrophobia! soon, but for now, here’s a picture of our great new gnome T-Shirt, which you can buy here:

Gnome T-Shirt