NPC Meme Brings RPGs and Real Life Together

I love the Internet. In many ways, the Internet has made my work possible. But it has also brought a level of anonymity that shelters people from repercussions for the things they say and do. Often, the Internet provides an excuse for people to be rude. A good example of this is the NPC meme. This post is going to be a rant, but let’s face it, humanity can always use a swift kick in the backside from time to time.

NPC meme
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NPC (meme) named after non-player characters in roleplaying games, the term is used to label someone as a person who does not. or is incapable of, thinking for themselves.

You might have heard of the NPC meme, where people label others as NPCs: bit players in this game we call life. It’s another example of RPG’s influence on our lives, but it’s also a cheap blow that dehumanizes others. Stange word that, “dehumanizes.” How conscious are we, really, about the feelings of others on the net? It’s so easy to break others down, why don’t we put more effort into raising others up — especially in a global village like the web?

But okay, enough of that. Let’s talk about games.

Griffins for Fifth Edition Fantasy

Griffins – A Field Guide was one of the first books Bob Greyvenstein and I did together. Now, with Ismael Alvarez, we’ve updated the book for fifth edition fantasy. Yip, that means you can use the griffins detailed in this book in your Dungeons & Dragons games.

The book is beautifully illustrated and contains 6 new griffin subspecies, a new paladin archetype, and rules for griffin familiars and griffin animal companions. It’s a great addition to your collection, no matter if you’re a player or a GM.

Till next time, play good games!

Rodney Sloan
Rising Phoenix Games

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