New Monsters and Free Books

We’ve been hard at work on THREE new monster books, one of which will be available as a free download to subscribers.

Our production schedule looks like this:

  1. Griffins—A Field Guide
  2. TBA—A Field Guide (Art done, writing almost done)
  3. TBA—A Free Field Guide (Art done, writing done, currently in proofreading)
  4. TBA—A Field Guide (Art done, crunch done, fluff to be done)

Griffins—A Field Guide imageAny guesses as to what we’ve got planned? Leave a comment below and one lucky reader will walk away with a free copy of Dying Dead.

And don’t forget to subscribe for a chance to get your hands on that free field guide.

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8 thoughts on “New Monsters and Free Books”

  1. If you have three more Field Guides coming out, I have to guess that they’re also all based on monsters. Your choice to do griffons is a good one – it’s an iconic monster that exists in real-world mythology, and that means it is useful in nearly every game world and game system, but it’s also one that there isn’t a lot of extra material for out there because people rely on the movie and literature versions for inspiration. If I assume that you follow mostly the same rules for your next ecologies, then my guesses are the next three volumes will be things like the unicorn, the harpy, and the hydra. How’d I do?

    – Shawn Kowalke

    1. Thanks Shawn. Yeah, I’d like to say it was as well thought out as that. We did Griffins because Bob is a big fan of them. Likewise, Phoenixes—A Field Guide, was because I love flaming birds. Some of the books we’ve got lined up do follow your train of thought though, particularly if it’s dealing with a creature we’d love to have feature in our own campaigns. (I just started playing a Calimshan campaign, so looking forward to setting my phoenixes on the players.)

    1. That would be cool.
      My first encounter with harpies was with the Monster In My Pocket toy line. My brother had a purple one, and the thing was hideous: a snake with wings and a woman’s head. Her mouth was wide open with these huge teeth.
      So yeah, I could see us doing those in the future, but we’ll see if they get their own book or not.

    1. For sure!
      This is another Monster in my Pocket monster I remember from my childhood, and one that has been somewhere in every fantasy RPG I’ve played… even Warhammer FRP had them, I’m pretty sure.
      We do have them on our list, but we’ll see if they get their own book or feature alongside other similar creatures.

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