I s-cream 4 ???

Japan has embraced many Western sweet treats including cakes, crumpets, biscuits, and ice-cream.

The American ice-cream chain, Baskin&Robbins opened last month at Takasaki train station, not too far from us. Here its known as 31 aisukurimuThey sport 31 flavours which change with the seasons. The more exotic flavours include lemon marshmallow mint; popping shower; watermellon; love potion (raspberry and white chocolate) and of course, azuki bean; and matcha (green tea).

On the thirty-first of each month they have a fabulous 31% discount 🙂 We splurged on B&R’s 40th birthday special: a cup filled with scoops of our choice of 4 flavours. The most exciting of these were the cotton candy (candyfloss), carnival, and double chocolate cheesecake. Yummy!