Happy 2020! Welcome to the year of the Rat

Happy new year!

Although we’ve been away from Japan for a while now, Japan has stayed a part of our lives. I work for an American company based in Japan, and Julia works as an English tutor with Japanese students.

While some things remain the same, there have been many changes. Our Iaido dojo, Katsujinkenkai, closed down while I was away, although the members have done their best to keep things going. I’m hoping we can get it restarted, although I know how busy things are about to get as the year gets back into full swing.

I’m also considering studying for my N3 for the JLPT. That will take a good two years of study, if I want to do it properly. It’s easy to bite off too much, and I’d like to spend a good few months revising the N4 work. I’m lucky in that I can practice my Japanese for an hour or so a week, and I’d like to write more letters and emails to Japanese acquaintances. I love languages, and am even considering learning Old Norse. Talk about biting off more than I can chew!

In 2019 I got started with a vlog. Please check it out! I’ve also started releasing free fiction on the Rising Phoenix Games blog, which you’ll also get if you subscribe to our newsletter.

Anyway, that’s a brief update from us. Have a happy and prosperous new year!