Hacking Hearthstone

Hacking Hearthstone is all about figuring out how to optimize your play sessions and cards for maximum reward.

First up, some pics.

These Hearthstone screenshots were too good not to share. They’re from the last Tavern Brawl, where each player’s deck was made up of four copies of a bunch of random legendary cards, leading to some unique situations not seen in other formats.

Hacking Hearthstone Screenshot - Cards
I Can Haz All the Cards!

Turn 1 and the opposition’s mage has 50 cards to play with, thanks to four copies of Prince Malchezaar. Usually, you’re limited to one of each legendary card, so getting 20 extra cards is awesome. I wasn’t going to win this game with fatigue!

Hacking Hearthstone Screenshot - Dolls!
Doll Master!!!

Dollmaster Dorian creates a 1/1 “doll” of a minion you’ve just drawn. What happens then, when Dollmaster creates a doll Dollmaster? Let’s just say my opponent and I had all the barbies at our tea party.

Want more Hearthstone screenshots? Let me know and I’ll share ‘em when I get ‘em.

Join Us

Hearthstone is a great game that’s easy to learn and tough to master. If you’ve played Magic the Gathering then many of the concepts in Hearthstone will be familiar to you, and you can play it on your phone or PC. You can jump in by following this link, which will help me get my hands on a murloc shaman.

Hacking the Rankings

I have a theory about busting through the rankings. It goes like this:

At the start of the season, players are scrambling to climb the rankings, leading to some tough competition. The same goes for the end of the season when players are trying to grab that one last tier that will give them a better reward chest. The difference is, by the end of the season, the field has spread out, and you’re more likely to have easier competition.

So, use the early and mid-season to focus on quests. Start building up your rankings in the mid-season and optimize your decks, then hit those ranking hard at the end of the season.

And, since this season’s about to end, I guess it’s time to play some cards and see if the theory sticks.

If you’ve got some ideas for Hacking Hearthstone to maximize your effectiveness in the game, why not share it in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Hacking Hearthstone”

  1. I would agree that the decks you fight tend to change throughout the month, but I’m not sure that waiting to rank up later in the month will always help. Back in the day, everyone was pushed down between rank 25-16 at the beginning of the month, depending on how well they did in the previous month. This meant that ranking at the beginning of the month could quickly have you facing people with a lot more experience, even Legend-ranked players as early as rank 16.

    Nowadays, since everyone gets set back the same number of ranks, you’re playing the people you who were the same rank as you at the end of the month for much longer, and laddering will only pit you against people who finished a rank or two higher than you for much longer.

    I think the most important thing to note when trying to maximize your ranking is the difficulty spikes at the rank floors. Because rank 20, 15, 10, 5, and Legend are all thresholds that you cant fall below once you reach the rank, difficulty tends to spike just before reaching those ranks. But! the fun also spikes at these ranks. Rank floors are a place that people often try out new decks and meme decks, since losing doesn’t negatively influence your ranking there.

    In my opinion, ‘hacking’ the hearthstone rank amounts to these tips.

    1. Know your deck. You need to know what your deck is trying to achieve. You need to know what turn your deck is trying to win at, and what your plan is to make it to that turn and condition. If you can’t answer those questions, your deck might need some refinement. If your goal is to play the glowing cards in your hand every turn, you might have fun, but you won’t win very often.

    2. Know your opponents goals. A basic understanding of the popular current decks is very important to minimizing your losses.You need to know what classes your deck is favored against, and when you might be at a disadvantage. These things help you to win the games you should win, and minimize the games where you shouldn’t be winning, and play accordingly.

    3. Don’t play tilted. Win streaks are fun, but losing streaks can be more than demoralizing, they can cost you even more games if you let them due to careless mistakes. General rule: three losses in a row is time for a break, no matter how much you want to prove you can do better.

    Just remember, it only takes a 51% winrate to move up the ladder, and bonus stars from winstreaks will make it faster than you think!

    1. That’s excellent advice, thanks for sharing!

      I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to break a losing streak when I should have turned off the game instead, it’s like digging your own grave.

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