Enter the Belly of Evil…

Belly of Rot, from our friends at Wayward Rogues Publishing and written by Rodney Sloan, is out now on RPGNow. To celebrate, we’re running a little contest. To win a free copy of the book, tell us your scariest RPG encounter ever. It doesn’t matter if you were a GM or a Player, if you were playing Mouse Guard or Monsters and Mazes, but it must be scary. The scariest entry will win. You’ve got until the 1st of January 2017 to deliver your best horror story, in the comments below.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Enter the Belly of Evil…”

  1. Once made it to high enough levels to take on the tarrasque. after beating it we found a very large entry way that it presumably came from. within we found what amounted to a giant genetics lab, though our characters didn’t make that connection. our rogue hadn’t noticed the “trap” (silent proximity alarms). we found a strange magical tablet with an unfamiliar form of common. we were able to pick up enough to realize this was a place that was MAKING tarrasques. then we started to feel rumbling.
    We had enough time to prepare ourselves before we see giant teeth shred through the lab. the mage teleported us away. from the safety of the distance we see where we just were. The evidence and the lab was being annihilated by a city sized tarrasque.

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