Do Not Buy This Book, Seriously…

We DO NOT want you to buy this fifth edition fantasy class book. Instead, buy the Grimdark Pamphlet, which contains this and so much more.

But if You Really Must…

Then let me tell you what a mechamancer is:

Mechmancer Cover

A mechamancer blends machinery and flesh in an unholy union more powerful than sinew or gears alone. Alien technology, clockwork, or arcane apparatus might form the basis for these enhancements, but they always leave the mechamancer disconnected from their humanity. At best, a mechamancer might retain some spark of their former selves, but most eventually lose touch with reality and see only the processes and routines that guide them.

Mechamancers undergo augmentation for any number of reasons. Some find their human forms too frail, others yearn for immortality, and some are forced down the path by uncaring artificers as part of insane experiments that blend the natural and mechanical.

The mechamancer is an alternative to the barbarian class, and many of the additional options available to a barbarian can be rethemed to fit a mechamancer, with your GM’s approval. Specifically, surge and rage, and primary function and primal path, are synonymous. The mechamancer’s major difference from a standard barbarian is in how they use armor, and mechamancers gain several penalties and ability changes to balance their increase to Armor Class.

Mechamancer Spread

As I said, the mechamancer class also appears in the Grimdark Pamphlet, available on and on Drive-Thru RPG. Check it out, it’s growing all the time and is packed full of great content.

Who Should Play a Mechamancer?

Mechamancers are barbarians, plain and simple. They work just like barbarians, except they use armor differently, which makes them the perfect tank.

The two Primary Functions offered give you a choice between a combat-oriented or an adaptable mechamancer, so you can lean hard into being a tank or fill roles in your party that aren’t covered by other characters.

Ultimately, play a mechamancer if you don’t care for magic, want to play a tough-to-kill character, and enjoy your punk steam-flavored.

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