Concept Art – Claustrophobia!

Today I thought I’d share some of the concept art I’ve done for Claustrophobia! so far. Its been loads of fun getting out the pencils and brushes for this project, mucking about with watercolours and ink again. When I wrote Claustrophobia! I only had 24 hours for the creation process, so the concept art lets me explore the world in more detail. I’m excited to see where it will lead.


This guy was more because I love Star Wars than anything else. In the game, while there is no character sheet, you can use an actual garden gnome to represent your character. It follows then that power gamers would have gnomes with lightsabers.

Gnome Jedi by ~CptPhoenix on deviantART


The game is set in a “land sub”, travelling to the Earth’s core. Naturally I wanted to define what such a journey would be like and give the gnomes a reason to take on this suicidal mission in the first place.

The Gnome World Below by ~CptPhoenix on deviantART

Pirate Gnome Hats

I like the idea that veteran gnomes would be the rough and ready sort wearing bent hats that sport skulls.

Gnome Hat by ~CptPhoenix on deviantART

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget about play testing and your chance for a free e-book. Also, you may notice some problems on the site at the moment. This is a result of my tinkering with the perma links in WordPress and should be sorted out soon enough. Thanks for your patience.