Claustrophobia! – More Beasties

You can never have enough beasties in a role-playing game and Claustrophobia! is no exception. Here are three new monsters that showcase some of the ideas I’m playing around with for next weeks Beta release. Enjoy! 


A more ancient and diabolical looking version of the garden gnome, these creatures are grim and humorless.

Physical: 2

Mental: 3

Social: 2

HP: 7

Gear: Wings allow a gargoyle to fly.

Special: Usually on neutral terms with gnomes, these creatures hunt horrors and demons that make it to the surface. Their attacks are thus considered holy attacks. A gargoyle loses its holy attacks for ever if it attacks anything other than a horror or demon. Gargoyles can absorb 3 points of damage during a combat.

Pink Flamingo

Ruthlessly killing the aesthetic of any garden, these thin legged monstrosities are the natural enemy of the garden gnome. They are typically found in pairs.

Physical: 1

Mental: 0

Social: 1

HP: 2

Gear: A Flamingo’s beak gives it a +1 to combat rolls.

Special: Pink Flamingo’s are susceptible to a humans gaze attack. They are also easily distracted and any bright lights or erratic movement (such as disco dancing) will stun them for d6 turns on a d6 roll of 6+.

Get It: A twin pack of flamingoes from for those of you with discerning decorative tastes.

Zombie Template

A zombie is a shambling mound of reanimated flesh. Known to hunger for brains, it is ironic that their own brain is their weakness. Zombies are practically mindless and, while generally hard to kill, a zombie hit in the head will go down quickly.

This entry describes a class of monsters. Apply this template to any creature in the Claustrophobia! book to create your own zombie.

Physical: +3

Mental: -3, minimum -1

Social: -3, minimum -1

HP: -3, minimum 2

Gear: Natural gear remains, other gear is lost.

Special: In a battle with a zombie, only results of 6+ cause damage. These are blows to the head. For every wound a zombie takes from a blow to the head, they take a further point of damage.

Get It: A pack of toy zombies from makes a nice addition to the tabletop.


Next week I’ll be releasing the Beta version of Claustrophobia! If you would like a copy of the Beta test rules please send me your email address or leave a comment here. I won’t use your e-mail address for evil.