Claustrophobia! – Inspired In Japan

Meet Momo Kobito, or Peach Dwarf.

Momo Kobito

“I’m the Peach King, bow to my fruitiness.”

Kobito, in Japanese, means dwarf, but these guys, Kobito Dukan, have all the qualities of gnomes. YouTube says it best:

Kobito Dukan was created for kids, but many teenagers and adults in Japan have thrown their money at the fad. There’s a vast collection of Kobito Dukan characters, all pretty ugly and cute at the same time, with their own personalities and quirks. I visited Seven Eleven last weekend and found a rack full of toys, stickers, sweets and collectables just waiting to be hoarded by fans.

Kobito Dukan Collection

So if you’re ever in Japan, and your mouse goes missing or something seems out of place, you may have a kobito infestation.You’ve been warned.

Claustrophobia! is the game of garden gnome adventurers on board a subterranean submarine headed for the Earth’s core. You can read more about the game, download the play test version and lend a hand here. If you’re interested in the Japanese language why not try out our own little Kanji Flipper.