Claustrophobia Art Update

When I see the awesome work my design gnomes have put into Claustrophobia I get really excited. I just wish I could share it all with you now! Unfortunately, I do have to save some surprises for the actual book. Props to my talented brother, Donovan Sloan, for this provocative work.   Copper Labyrinth Lunatic Labyrinth is a Best…

Super Sale

This week through till July 1st we’re running a 10% or more off sale. Click on the links below to grab your copy now: Claustrophobia Beta   Lunatic Labyrinth   Pewter Tankard Tavern

Let the Gobbos hit the…

…FLOOR!   “What strange glyphs are these? The foul etchings of lunatics? Wizards? Surely they do profane the stone and mar the already shoddy mason work of this blasted maze!” -‘Red’ Rumbholdt, dwarven explorer, describing the labyrinth below Stone Spire.

Lunatic Labyrinth on

Lunatic Labyrinth, a neat little one-on-one or solo adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is now available on The PDF is only $3.13 and includes a re-usable maze tile set. While the adventure is set in Avernos, you can easily include the adventure in just about any fantasy setting with minimal effort.

Lunatic Labyrinth on Solo Nexus

If I haven’t said it before then it’s high time I did: check out Solo Nexus. It’s a blog all about solo gaming and solo role-playing. Even if you never play by yourself solo nexus has some interesting stuff and is well written. Recently my own Lunatic Labyrinth got a shout out, check it out.

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