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Dungeons & Dragons Friends,

These are interesting days. Again and again, I’ve been amazed by the ability we have as humans to adapt and thrive, even under immense pressure. The Dungeons & Dragons community, and the RPG community at large, has shown true solidarity in pulling together in these difficult times.

OneBookShelf announced that, from May 4th until May 17th, all earnings on the Dungeon Masters Guild will go directly to community creators.

Play It Forward - Dungeons & Dragons

This is a massive opportunity for us, since community creators like us usually take 50% of the earnings made off any sale. In many cases, this 50% is then split between those who contributed to the project. OBS and WotC have been very generous with this offer, since community creators and their contributors will now effectively earn double off each sale!

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy

At Rising Phoenix Games we strive for quality. Our team is made up of experienced RPG creators, all with a passion for the hobby and for creating quality Dungeons & Dragons resources. We’ve worked together with David N. Ross, Kim Frandsen, Ismael Alvarez, and Michael Ritter, to create titles we know you’ll love using at your table. I’ve also had the privilege of working with DMG creators like M.T. Black and friends on the best selling Player’s Companion. All of these creators deserve and appreciate your support.

If you’ve had your eye on any of our titles, please consider purchasing them before May 17th. Also, if you know other Dungeons & Dragons players, please share this post with them.

Our Dungeons & Dragons Titles

Here’s the full list of our Dungeon Masters Guild titles, all 20% off during the Play it Forward sale:

Player's Handbook

Adventurers Guide to Fey Magic - Dungeons & Dragons

Manual of Masks

Aurora's Summer Catalogue

Aurora's Autumn Catalogue

Aurora's Winter Catalogue

Race & Class Guide for Dungeons & Dragons

Mutants & Mariners

Street Fighter

Genjutsu Master

Deadly Dancer - Dungeons & Dragons

Lightining Bruiserr

Rising Phoenix Games wouldn’t be what it is today without all our friends and collaborators. Friends like you. Thank you for supporting us!

Stay well and happy gaming!

Rodney Sloan and the Rising Phoenix Games team.