Bundle Up this Christmas

Bundle Up this Christmas!

I don’t know what the future will bring. That’s part of the fun of life, part of the adventure. Without the sense of the unknown, we’d never have thrilling tales to tell. But, I do have plans.

In 2016 I’ll put down the chalk, file away the flash cards and say goodbye to English teaching. What’s next? Well, I’ve been flexing my writing muscle, polishing my programming and dusting off the CV. If you already follow me on From the Rice Bowl, then you’ve seen some of the work I’ve been doing. In 2016 I’m going all-out for games. Not only does it mean I get to put my degree to good use, but it also means I’ll be publishing all the work I’ve held back under my current contract.

I’m gunning for a big year in 2016. So, I’m offering you all the products I’ve done up till now at over 40% off. This PDF and print bundle deal will hook you up with my popular solo adventure, Lunatic Labyrinth, as well as print copies of map tiles and more.

Bundle Up this Christmas
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That’s all from me for 2015. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Till we meet again, tell thrilling tales!