Avernos – A Land of Adventure


This is for the dreamers
The ones who see big things in small places
The ones who hope for better days
While making the most of now.

This is for everyone who ever had monsters under their beds
Or saw dragons in the clouds
Or fought a swashbuckling duel with their shadow
Or flew over rooftops in their dreams.

You may think you’re strange
Others may mock you
But you have something desirable
You have imagination

You have greatness
And adventure
You have hope
And you have dreams.



Over the last two months I’ve been hard at work thinking, planning and building on the campaign world that had it’s birth around 2009 with my first convention module. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting a full adventure for solo play set in this world, so I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the main locations and aspects of the world. I’m hoping you’ll join me for many adventures in the world of Avernos.

 NOTE: Avernos means “the land we have”. For the race of man this means the land they were given, the land they fight for and the earth upon which they will make their last stand.


The Age of Alliance

Avernos is a land at war. The Nations of the Alliance stand with their backs to the wall while evil stalks the land, baying at the gates of humanity, baying for blood. Holding the thinning strings of the existence of the Alliance Nations together is the Alliance, a treaty between men, elves, dwarves and other races less populous races who hope for peace.  The Alliance is controlled by kings known as the Alliance Kings, rulers and representatives from each of the good races. The war, and its course, is governed by these kings.


The Very Jaws of the Abyss

In the centre of the lands once dominated by men, dwarves and elves, rises up a ring of mountains known as The Jaws, a ragged range of rock that encircles a might chasm, the very pits of the Abyss. From here all manner of foul creature issues forth to assault the lands, directed by a greater evil known only as The Tyrant. It is the will of the Tyrant that the lives of men, elves and dwarves should be extinguished forever, and forgotten for all time.


South Fort

Like a might bastion against the ravages of evil, South Fort stands, a citadel alone in the Wilderlands. Brave men and women stand watch against the terrors creeping in from the West, and heroes rise and fall in mighty battles against those who would crush man below their clawed feet.


Rats in the Sewers, Rats in the Streets

For all the greatness of South Fort, from its gleaming white walls to the impressive towers known as the Sentinels, the heart of South Fort is as black and corrupt as the rat infested sewers below it. Secret criminal organisations ply their trade with stolen money and a warm hand shake, while their agents stalk the alleys and close lanes, a cold blade hidden with a hearty greeting.


The Misty City and the Hidden Lands

The corruption of humanity is well known to the Dwarves, who sigh and continue their fight against evil, from their hidden fortress of the Misty City in the Jaws, looking always to Elves for aid, but their aid does not come. The Hidden Lands of the elves are almost forgotten, a distant thought of those who honour the Alliance with words but seldom with action.


Days of Darkness, Dawn of Heroes

These are dark days indeed, and Avernos has few days left. Avernos calls for heroes. Who will answer the call? Will it be unpredictable men, or the silent elves, the grim dwarves, the mysterious people of the rocks, the outcast half casts, the strange gnomes, or will hope come from the very races that would oppress the races of the Alliance. All this is for you to decide, for it’s your world to explore and it is you who will write the great sagas of the age.


Leave a comment and tell me what you think, I’m interested to hear your thoughts and ideas. Be sure to check out the first part of our solo campaign, Sentinels Watching.