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Claustrophobia! Role-Playing Game

Claustrophobia! CoverWhen life in the garden gets too boring, adventurous garden gnomes head underground in a scratch-built subterranean vessel on a perilous mission to the fabled Center of the Earth. Come along for the ride and experience all the mayhem and chaos of these gnomish adventures in this rules light beer and pretzels game.

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Lunatic Labyrinth

Lunatic Labyrinth is a solo or one-on-one adventure, compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It’s meant for one character of level one or two and includes a useful labyrinth tool to facilitate entertaining and challenging solo play.

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Dying Dead

Do you dare the darkened domain of the dead? The graveyard city of Alabaster is in trouble. Sacred tombs have been desecrated by vandals, corpses corrupted by foul necromancies, and harmless spirits attacked by masked intruders. What are the culprits looking for, and can they be stopped before it is too late?

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Where Heroes Stand

Set in mythical Japan, Where Heroes Stand is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventure for characters of level 3-4.

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The Pewter Tankard Tavern112150-thumb140

The Pewter Tankard Tavern map lets you take the fight into the tavern with this 1 inch grid marked map. It’s the perfect place to start or end any rpg session.

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NPC Strategy CardsNPC Strategy Cards Book Cover

The Pewter Tankard Tavern map lets you take the fight into the tavern with this 1 inch grid marked map, perfect for starting or ending any role-playing campaign.

Available on Drive Thru RPG and Paizo.

 Age of Skulls—Prelude

As the blood red dust settled, fell overlords took their place, rising above the crushed and hopeless — the heralds of a hellish age.

The Last Age. The Age of Skulls.

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Kamen, Land of Masks – Campaign Primer

This free guide introduces players and GMs to the world of Kamen, Land of Masks. Set in mythical Japan, it is a world of secrets, waiting to be uncovered.

Coming to Drive Thru RPG and Paizo.

More Free Stuff

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Claustrophobia! – 1KM1KT 24 Hour RPG Design Contest 2012
Lunatic Labyrinth – (Map Tiles Only) One Page Dungeon Contest 2011
Paranoia Pyramid – One Page Dungeon Contest 2012
Vertigo – One Page Dungeon Contest 2013
Sentinels Watching – Solo Adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @

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