The Doctrina Immanis contains the largest collection of written lore, history and dogma concerning Avernos. The Doctrina is not one book, but a collection of some hundred or so tomes of knowledge. While some books of the Doctrina cover a specific topic, others cover a diverse range of subjects, such as magic, the cultivation of rare fungi and even more obscure subjects such as the theorised hand gestures used to communicate with underwater creatures from the mythical land of Feoni. The greatest collection of Doctrina Immanis texts is in the Enlightened Library of Bastion, while other texts are kept in various other locations within the kingdom and dukedoms of Bastion, or else have been lost through disaster or theft. That said, the Doctrina continues to grow, as human scholars complete new works and add it to the collection. A rare feat indeed, as scholars must, in order to be taken with any seriousness at all, read as many of the completed texts as possible to ensure that information is not repeated.


This section deals with various topics of Avernos, specifically Lore, Religion and the History of Avernos.



Great Betrayal

Major Currencies

Strings of Magic

The One




The setting of Avernos is Copyright © Rodney Sloan 2010 – 2015.

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