Veiled Lands

A figment of the imagination, he was sure. She had been there only a moment ago, moving between the shadowy boughs of trees like a ghost, and then she was gone. The mists swirled around him, and he turned. There she was again, beautiful and haunting at the same time, with a smile that held a century’s wisdom, yet she could be no older than twenty winters. She held his gaze for a moment, then, unmoving, faded back into the lonely mists.

The mysterious Veiled Lands take their name from the thick mist that shrouds the land from the Churning Sea to the Great Plateau. The gateway to the fae land of Feoni, the Veiled Lands is the last stand of the elves in a bloody secret war.

Elves themselves, who live for many lives of men, have forgotten when they first came to dwell amongst the misty trees of the Veiled Lands. It is almost certain that the first elves came from Feoni, although some scholars challenge this view. They explain that, like dwarves and humans, elves were among the first born, awakened on the soil of Avernos by the Creator God in the first age of the world. The elves, with their natural affinity for the Spell Weave, the spiritual and the natural, soon found their way into Feoni. It was to be expected then that they would settle where the bonds between Feoni and Avernos are strongest; the Veiled Lands.

While elves are now reclusive, keeping to their realm and avoiding humanity, it was not always so. During the great war of the first age, when the Elder Dragons battled each other in the skies above Avernos, man, elf and dwarf stood together in a great alliance, which persevered during the first incursions by the Host of the Abyss. At that time elves lived alongside humans and dwarves alike. Then came the Great Betrayal, when humanity forgot the alliance and elves and dwarves were forced to take their stand alone. Now elves protect their lands from the evil that seeps from the Abyss, knowing that if the Veiled Lands should fall into darkness, Feoni will be next to fall.

Elves and halfelven can move between the fae world and the Veiled Lands at a thought, disappearing like shadows in the mists.

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