Feoni – The Fey Land

It is said that there exists a place on the very edge of vision, hidden in the shadow of shadows, where man is not welcome and where weird, twisted things live. None venture there by design, and those who unwittingly enter struggle in vain to escape.

This is a savage, raw land, inhabited by all manner of fey creatures. The cords of magic are exceptionally strong here, infusing everything with raw magical energy. It is perhaps for this reason that humans rightly fear this realm; as such strong magic can have unpredictable effects.

To the elves and other fey creatures, this is Feoni, a domain that exists astride the real, a fantastic and magical likeness of the lands of Avernos. Feral creatures, supernatural beasts and a diverse collection of races live amongst time-worn trees and a myriad of unimaginable plants. Life and death is the ebb and flow of Feoni, a natural chaos that rules everything and maintains a fickle balance of existence.

Feoni is most closely connected to Avernos at certain geographic locations, the largest and most well-known being the Veiled Lands. Other connections exist too, but their temporary nature makes them difficult to map and treacherous to use. For this reason, the Veiled Lands are the battle ground for a secret war between its elvish defenders and the forces of darkness. Should the forces of the Abyss find their way into Feoni, the destruction and corruption they would spread would mean the end of Feoni and, in only a matter of time, Avernos itself.

Elves, halfelven and other fey can move between the Veiled Lands and Feoni at a thought, although they appear within the other realm in exactly the same spot which they left in the first. For defense, much of the kingdom of the elves exists on the Feoni side, parallel to the Veiled Lands. Travellers through the Veiled Lands may thus come upon ghostly apparitions of elven cities and their citizens that fade fleetingly in the swirling mists.

For none-fey creatures, travelling to Feoni is possible in a number of ways. The first is to grab hold of a fey creature as it travels between worlds, although creatures attempting this are not always successful. Another method is with magic. Lastly, there exist several fey gates—although these are always well guarded and well hidden within the most inner sanctuaries of the elven kingdom—which anyone can pass through. Some of these gates are said to be living creatures, able to defend themselves against intruders.

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